Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The last leg of our western trip of 2017, Branson MO to FL

  The final leg of our journey from the Oregon Coast to our home in Florida. We arrive in Branson MO at the Escapees Turkey Creek RV Park to meet up with friends and for the final leg of our 2017 home. We will travel the last 1000 miles or so with Lance and Andrea, the couple that bought our other home here in Florida. Imagine they are still friends, I guess they liked the deal. But in all fairness, they were friends before the "deal". We made three overnight stops to our homes. Follow along.

Saw this somewhere, it may have been at a restaurant. Found it to be a comical.. Hope it doesn't offend anyone.

Saddle up!

This and the next few photo's from the Fall Creek Steak and Catfish Restaurant in Branson

What are these three "hunks" looking at. Oh the "hunks" are Terry, Bob and Lance. You can try and guess who's who's.

Its lake Tanneycomo

On the road home

Few raindrops on the window, but it's another mural.

All throughout the west and south we saw man old trucks rusting away

Even used as a sign for this RV Park

We enjoy all the road memorabilia we come across.

Big bird, but he's not yellow.

I'm feeling deserted

The stories I could tell

Check out the size of these silos, see the tractor trailer.

Good thing we called ahead

You think your having a bad day!

Looking out from Tom Sawyer RV Park

This site must be at least 100 feet long

Just passed thru the tip of Tennessee

Then into Mississippi

We've seem several of these large crosses through out the south

Big chicken at a Bar B Q

A big watermelon

Forest County Fairgrounds Hattiesburg MS About 100 sites only 6 being used, FHU $20. night, self register. Most sites un level

Large nursery in Alabama

USS Alabama in Mobil Bay

Not sure of the location of all the photo's. But its driving along, and a quick point and shot. Just wish the camera would stay on. Many times Linda misses what we think would be a good photo just waiting for the camera to come on and focus. This photo is in Mobile Bay I think this guy is overloaded They are some kind of crab traps

Mobil Bay is really huge

Home state just about 450 + miles from here

Following Lance and Andrea

National Guard heading home

One of many, many small convoys of utility trucks heading home or perhaps somewhere else

More road art

Our site at Tallahassee RV Park. FHU pullthrus, $50. a night, 10% Good Sam discount. Location, location, I guess. A little expensive for a one night stop.. Last stop before home. We also traveled farther then we liked and it was getting late. 

Check out the pretty sky

Work is just beginning
Branch's and leafs litter our deck. The trees are almost stripped bear of leafs.

This is were our dock used to be. There were 3 pilings.

Our car port took the worst hit. Lucky the car was ok, but the cover was torn a bit.

Happy, happy, "home at last, home at last", from the song by Steely Dan.

"Home at last home at last".  The biggest plus, we were safe. Thanks for following along. I'll back track and pick up our trip in the state of Washington, before we were so rudely interrupted by hurricane Irma.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

A photo journey form Idaho to Moissoui

      After crossing into Idaho we stopped at the visitors welcome center.. The lady at the booth tells us of a great state park just off the interstate. So we set our sites on the town of  Glenn's Falls ID. . Another neat small town with  a western feel. Would have like to spend some time there, but. There were also two little museums we wanted to see, especially the potato museum. But..........       We stop  at Three Rivers State Park, but only  for the night. These are a couple of be back areas to revisit. Oh no! what is that in the air? Haze, mist, no it's smoke. I thought we left that behind. Yes here in Idaho there are also some forest fires, at least none to close.

Acres and acres of solar panels

Take your pick

Oh no another mural

The Snake River

A neat old town with a western feel

Our site

Very nice well kept park

Is that smoke? Yes it is, but far away.

Back on the highway, many many covered up bales of hay

After leaving Idaho we cross into the state of Utah before connecting with I 80 going into the state of Wyoming to Nebraska.   

We go through Rattlesnake Pass.

Once we cross into Wyoming It is almost 400 miles before we get into Nebraska. We encountered many long hills. Some seem never ending. There is much dry patched looking landscape with little or no green along this stretch of highway.

We stop just over the hill in Philips RV Park in Everton WY, sorry no photo's.

Miles of snow fence

A very long train, all the way out of the photo

Going in both directions.

We cross the Continental Divide

Must be a good buffet

Along I 80,the highest point of the road. This is just off the old road of  route 30, The Lincoln Highway. This statue sits at the rest stop at mile marker 328. This is were we spend the night. Not a lot of RV Parks along this stretch of I 80.

We are joined by a few others.

Into Nebraska

One of many onion trucks that passed us. I feel I am being stalked (read the previous blog post).


Sidney NB the world headquarters. The store is not as big as some of the other Cabela's we visited.



When is the meter going to run out, or I hope you run out of quarters

A Chevy to the rescue

A really neat stop, to much road memorability to photo

Route 6

Never saw one of these. Home made ?

Old Gas pump tops

Still going, like that bunny

At the Sac-Fox casino. 20 back in sites with electric, $10.  night. We each received $40. in free slot play. Super Philly steak sandwich for $5. plus free drinks. What a great stop. We pulled in across sites so we didn't have to unhook. Not busy, only 4 other sites were being used.

Another small town USA main street, great getting off the interstate

Another main street

The story these old houses and barns could tell. Linda has so many pictures of old barns we could start a file

Yet another main street

Looks like a tropical mural, in Kanas?

This store caught our curiosity so we found a parking space. This town was on a detour. A very narrow secondary route, but look what we found.

Dose this count as a mural?

We arrive in Branson.

One more leg to Florida, with several stops