Thursday, July 6, 2017

Road trip and update and where we are at

                                          Hutchinson KS to Missoula MT

      This is a long road trip. While in Hutchison KS we decided that if we wanted to get to the west coast and have enough time to explore the area we better get moving. We left FL on the 14th of May and here it is the end of June and we are only maybe half way there.  We decided to get moving. So we plotted a course mostly using interstate highways. We like taking the secondary roads to better “see” the country. We were on secondary roads through much of KS at this point when Linda spotted one of the 8 wonders of KS it was just a short detour from where we were.   It is a short detour to Victoria to the Cathedral of the Plains. It won’t take long and we do need lunch. Then we could go a couple of miles to I 70. Then along I 70 for about 10 miles to route 183 to route 36 to Prairie Dog State Park for a overnight. Wrong. This park is so nice we stayed 3 nights and only left because all sites were reserved for the 4th of July weekend. Then we took route 83 to North Platte. We will write more about these stops in a later blog, we are just trying to get you up to date where we are now. So we gave in and started to hit the interstates and travel 3/400 miles a day. I 25 to I 90 to about 10 miles east of Missoula MT. Then the unexpected happened, we had a blow out on the driver side rear inside tire.  The blow out broke the gas fill line and some gas leaked out of the fill pipe, maybe about a quart. But before Good Sam roadside service would send out an emergency road service truck we had to call the fire department to come out. It took them about 20 minutes to get to us. By the time they arrived the gas evaporated. They just took the information and left. About that time the emergency tire truck arrived. Half hour latter and we were on our way. We found the nearest RV Park and called to see if we could get a spot for the night. Yes come on in. About ten miles latter we pulled in. Of course this is 4th of July eve. You guess right, no tire stores open till Wednesday. We did get a new tire and will be leaving here on Friday morning. We are headed to Spoken WA.  We were lucky as there is very little other damaged. During the night something stated to vibrate the RV and woke us both. Hannah started to bark. It seemed to last at least 30 seconds. Later that morning we found out we were just 75 miles from the epicenters of an earthquake. See our latest blog here    bobandlindasrvtravels.BlogSpot      if you haven’t been following along

Escapees Turkey Creek RV Park

             I am going to try and get back to the way I used to write my RV review. Please bare with me, I'LL try to keep up to date. I write these reviews for my reference and any

                                Turkey Creek

Name; Turkey Creek, an Escapees park, Hollister, MO

Date; June, 2017

Staff; Super friendly, went out of the way to help.

Price; I am a member of the Escapees and the the price as a member was around $16. Don't remember the exact amount. Non club members is higher.

Site; our site was gravel, full hook up, 30/50 amp, back in, we had a picnic table.

Big rig friendly; yes, most sites are, but can be tight when rows are full. Many roads are narrow and sites are on the smaller size.  There were many big rigs present when we were there.

Amenities; club house, clean restrooms, laundry

Laundry; yes, very clean

Dog Friendly; yes, lot of area to walk a do plus a large fenced in off lease area

Phone/TV/Wifi; good Verizon service, OTA TV poor to sometimes good, Wifi in clubhouse, not sue in park, I didn't use so can't report on service. We use our jetpack

Night; low lighting, some train noise, some road noise but neither bothersome to us

Security;  no gate

Book exchange; yes, small in clubhouse

Bonus's ; Very close to downtown Branson and the Landings and all the area has to offer. About a mile from  the College of the Ozarks, one of our favorites.

Opinion; We would stay here again, we enjoy the area. Disappointed they no longer have cable. An older park in need of upgrades. Roads and sites are gavel.  Can use more pull thrus.


The  club house


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Branson MO, June 2017

                                                    Branson MO, June 2017

With the sun shining we left Toad Suck COE for a trip of 135 miles to Branson MO. We have reservations for 5 days at Branson Ridge TV Resort. We did extend for two more days. Blog on this park in another post. From here we move this the Escapees RV Park called Turkey Creek. We will blog on this park in another post.
   Now on to Branson. We have been here before and really enjoyed the town and area. This time we saw a couple of different shows. We saw the magnificent show Moses and the super show The Haygoods. Of course we didn't know how much to we would enjoyed them. But we had a little insight into Moses. It is in the Sight and Sound theater  which we are familiar with, as there is one in Lancaster PA. We had attended a few shows there and they were super. So we expected the same here in Branson. I wanted to see Moses part the red sea. It was done thru special effects . Looked like water. It was, and I am only guessing, some type of smoke. Unfortunately you could not take any pictures. It is one of those many things you have to see for yourself.

Front of theather

Beautiful statue in the lobby

   The Haygoods was a super variety show with everything from country to gospel to blue's to blue grass to rock and roll with a little dance thrown in the mix. Wow that was a long sentence. The group is made up of six brothers  and one sister. We were thoroughly entertained for about two hours. The show is in its 25 year and voted Brandon's number one show. The group has put on over 7000 shows.  Branson has quite a few theaters with some hosting a few different shows. We really enjoy Branson and the area.

The one brother is sitting down, you'll see him in the next photo, he had a broken knee

 The sixth brother sitting down

The banjo player on his motorized cooler

       Another day  we went to  the College Of The Ozarks for lunch. We were blown away by the looks of the Keeter Center where lunches and dinners are serve. We knew nothing about the college other then it was there. Well we where very impressed with the college and the meal. I could go on and on about all we learned about the school, but I'll just give a few details about the school. Its nick name is Hard Work U. See for more information. What really impressed us was no students pay any tuition , and the wonderful meal. Each student works 15 hours a week plus 40 hours a week during the summer. So much to tell. Here is what impressed us most, students Don't pay Tuition. They Work for an Education, Graduate without debt. It is a Christian school. Very interesting about the school, so if you want to learn more go to there web site and you can see over 100 different type jobs available to the students. Every student we met was super polite. What a wonderful feeling for our youth.
      We did tour the military museum at the Keeter center plus the mill, the greenhouse, the wonderful tractor museum, the bakery and the jelly kitchen. the Keeter Center where lunch and dinner are served, much of the food from vegetables to pork is raised on the campus. A true farm to fork restaurant. Again so many pictures it hard to choose just a few.

The dinning room

The copper plated ceiling

The front of the Keeter center. It is a restaurant, hotel, small museum, conference center and log construction

The mill where much of the flour that is use in  the bakery and restaurant is use. There is also some for sale

Weaving is one of the jobs

 inside the bakery

A chef going fresh pasta made for the restaurant. Some of the baking fruit cake tins. They make over 25,000 fruit cakes a year for sale. They are very good, not like the ones you regifted many years ago. This also where they make many flavor jellies in this kitchen. We couldn't leave without a large jar of apple butter.

The chapel is beautiful both inside and out.

The picture doesn't do the stain glass justice

      We also did the nice river walk at the landing, it must be about a mile long. There are over a hundred shops. The Bass Pro Shop is one of the anchor stores. There are also a few hotels and many restaurants. Hannah enjoyed the walk. Historic downtown Branson is a short walk from the landing . There is also a 5 and 10. Remember them. Not sure you can find much for 5 or 10 cents.
     Hannah did keep us from doing as much as we would have liked to see. Being so close to our neighbors in this park cause her to develop some bad habits. On one side there was a group of people who practiced singing and playing instrument for hours most days. That seems to be what set her in her bad habits. We did take her to see a veterinarian. A comming pill and a tranquilizer prescriptd. So far only tried the nerve pill. Seen very little effect so far. Maybe Linda and I need to take them. Really upsetting to our RV lifestyle. A least the money we are saving can go toward the vet bill and the drugs.
       The Shepherd of the Hills hatchery is a fun tour.  I don't recall the exact number of fish they take rise and release, but I was somewhere around half a million. This hatchery raises only trout. A result of the cold water release from Table Rock dam. We did get see trout from the fly stage to adult breeding size. They are released in the area when of mostly legal catchable size. Most of the trout raised are rainbow trout.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Branson Ridge RV Resort, Branson MO June 2017

                   Branson Ridge RV Resort (formerly Campton Ridge) Branson MO June 2017
We were here with our Coast to Coast membership. Cost $10. a night. A lot of amenities. The top part of the park has paved roads and sites. We waned to be away from the crowd.  We like the open feel and because of Hannah. We didn't want her barking and disturbing others  She is just getting use to rving. The road was paved and the sites gravel/grass/small rock. Our site was a pull thru, but steep in the front. We backed out. A fifth wheel got hung up on a site up from use trying to get in, at night. It wasn't fun for them. Also the sites down here are 30 amp full hookups. Great cable TV with probably 60 channels, Very dark at night. A lot of trees for welcome shade in the heat. Did I mention the heat is following us. Its been in the 90's. Lots of room to walk a dog. They do have a fenced of leash area in the top of the park.We were on the outskirts of Branson.

The entrance

 Don't be fooled by the nice openness of the sites, if they were all full it would be close together. But we did have a nice big area one side of us. There were 3 cabins in front of our rig.