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Bulow RV Park, Flagler Beach Florida, Oct 2018

                                         October 2018, catching up
       Bulow RV park is part of our Thousand Trails, Trails Collection. So our cost to stay here is $0.00. Our neighbors paid $60.00 a night. We stayed for eleven nights. We were in what was a premium site  It was full hook up. We were in the section that had updated electric. 20/30/50 amp. We had a very long pull thru site. The site was on grass with the small cement patio. I know when you say premium we usually expect a cement pad, but I guess everyone's description and expectations are different. Some roads are paved.  We had a fairly new picnic table .  We had cable TV. You have to get a cable box from the office. Had about 60 channels . Our site was very large. It was a side by site, but with good separation between sites. There is no privacy between most sites. There are many large trees
     There are many amenities; a pool, Large activities center with a restaurant and bar, a dog park, laundry and a lot of room to walk a dog. I sure I missed some things.
      The whole park is divided into three large sections. A transient area, a section for permanent sites and a gated area of different manufacturer home's. This is a very large park. Forgot to mention it is very dark at night. Only lights are around the showers/restrooms.
       This park is a good location to visit the area. From here we visited St Augustine.  On another day we went to St Augustine. It was a ride of about 35-40 miles. We had spent a lot of time in St Augustine in the past and just wanted to revisit the area. On our agenda was lunch at the A1A Ale Works. We really enjoy their Cuban sandwich. We of made a good decision to split the sandwich. It was just enough, and was as good as we remembered. The pressed Cuban bread pork, mustered and pickles, cheese etc. was just wonderful. One of the best Cubans we ever enjoyed. This alone made the trip worthwhile. We then walked around a bit longer till a sudden rain shower chased us. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the $15. Parking fee. All the spots we remembered with free parking were gone, or taken. All in all it was another good day. On the way back to the RV we found a Rita's ice cream. Well I think it's against the law to not stop. So we each had a gelato. But we only had half a sandwich for lunch.
     Sunday we went to the Daytona flea market. It was a lot larger than we expected.  We walked and
walked, for several hours picking up a few odds and ends.. Nothing important, just stuff. But it was a fun time. It was very easy getting turned around. Most of the Market was indoor. The flea market is  maybe about 20 miles from the RV park. We are in a good location. We did not go to the beach which is only about 5 miles from the RV park, other than taking a few pictures when touring the town of Flagler Beach.

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

The wheels are turning, Bulow RV Resort, Flagler Beach FL October 2018

     Well it has been a little over five months since I last updated our blog. We have both been on the mend. Still a little work to be completed on our seawall after the damage from hurricane Irma a little over a year ago. We finally put together two weeks to get away. It has been 13 months since we used our RV.  So we traveled 88 miles to Flagler Beach, just wanted to get away. We stayed at Bulow RV resort. It is part of our Thousand Trails membership. It is part of the new Trails Collection. More on the RV park in another post. What we didn't know was this was Biketoberfest week in Daytona Beach, about fifteen miles south of Flagler Beach. I was surprised we were able to procure  a site. But no less we got a full hookup premium site. The park was full. Almost every site had at least one motorcycle parked at it. We decided to just stay put till the weekend was over. Could not believe how many cycles were here. Sorry for the lack of pictures, as my photographer forgot her camera. Can you believe. Brought all the accessories, but no camera. So we will only be taking pictures with our phones.  Well the truth be known, the camera is lost.           
     On Tuesday we took a trip to Palatka . It was a nice ride of about 35 miles. Linda heard about the mural trail. She was all in. So we loaded up Hannah along with some extra water. We looked up the location of the visitor center. Guess what, It was closed.  We spot a few murals down the street. So we checked them out. We found the Chamber Of Commerce and Linda procured a brochure of all the murals. Off we go in search of all the murals. A note here, all the murals are in great condition. We did find all the murals on the map, plus one that wasn't. We didn't go into any of the indoor location where there were a few more. Linda had a smile from ear to ear.
     She didn't realize it was passed lunch time for me. I read about the oldest dinner in Florida. We found the dinner and they had outdoor seating, where we could park next to a table to keep an eye on Hannah. Some unusual items on the menu, like a black bottom. A mix of hamburger meat, bacon and egg ( a dinner favorite). Also gizzards, made several ways. We passed on both even though I like gizzards. It was just the overall atmosphere of the place that subjected just a burger. Pictures of the murals will follow, as they were all taken with our phones and some will need editing. We did drive around town and checked out some of the old historic homes. Then it was back to the RV. It was a fun day.
     Well, no pictures as promised. Seems Google claims we don't have an account. Yet here I am writing on a Google Blog, also coming to you on a Google address. Hopefully I can get it straighten out.
      Help, is there any other way I can upload photo's to my blog? This may be the end of my blog with Google. I was told they no longer support Picasso. I am no computer genius (geek). So keep it simple if you can supply information.
       Go to and look for the tour guide for pictures of all the murals and information on each.

     Thanks for following along.