Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Again changes in the wind

     It's been a long time since I posted a blog.  We just had so much happening, since we arrived home after hurricane Irma. We see a big change in our RV part time lifestyle happening. No we are not hanging up the keys just yet. We will be traveling on shorter trips and for a shorter amount of time. We had planned on six months of travel a year.  For the present we will probably not be traveling for more than a month at a time.  We hope this will change in the future, back to four to six months. But for now we'll be doing shorter trips.
     I started to write the above several week ago. Then I had a heart attack. S__t happens, as the saying goes. For the near future are plan's are on hold. Linda also has some medical issues going on. I have a bunch of doctor appointments scheduled and so does Linda. Just have to jump over this hurdle. We'll keep you posted.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Thousand Trails Oceana Ocean City WA July 2017

Name; Thousand Trails Oceana RV Park

Date; July 2017

Staff; Very friendly

Price; $0.00 for members

Site; On gravel, back in W/30 amp E

Big rig friendly; Yes, roads are narrow

Amenities; Showers, restroom, laundry

Laundry; Yes didn't check it out, in a old trailer in front of park

Dog Friendly; Yes, large grass are in middle of oval loop, in back section of park

Phone/TV/Wi-Fi; Verizon good, over the air TV limited 

Night; Dark, great for viewing the stars especially on the beach

Security; Yes, gate with a keypad

Bonus; On the beach, but a long walk to the beach and ocean through the dune with high dune grass.
            A very wide beach, 100+ yards

Opinion; The back section is much nicer if on the perimeter of the oval, you back up to woods. The
                center is back to back parking. No piracy between sites. Front of park has few pull-thrus,
                FHU. dump up front near exit. We were still hooking up our car on the road and someone already backed into the space we just left, Very, very busy

Comments; We would stay here again. Close to small town that has everything you should need .   A bit touristy. Many restaurants

See our little white car


Hannah watching

The path to the beach

Still a long way

Here it is the beach


Looking back toward the RV Park

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Road trip from Forks WA to Cape Flattery, July 2017

Road trip to Cape Flattery from Forks WA

We drove over 150 miles today from Forks WA to Cape Flattery and touring some of the area around the Cape area. It is a beautiful drive to Cape Flattery from our spot in Forks WA. Again so many photos.

Where have all the trees gone

The trip north to Neah Bay and Cape Flattery, low tide

Flowers blooming all along the road

Standing guard

Not much happing at the hatchery wrong time of the year to visit

A nice looking RV park with some great views

      More sea stacks

Yet another old truck

In town

A different type camper

The road back to Forks WA

Thanks for following along

Cape Flatery, Olympic National Park, late July 2017

      We took a trip to Cape Flattery from the Riverview RV Park in Forks, a trip of about 50 miles. Cape Flattery is the most northwesterly point in the contiguous US. It is on the Olympic Peninsula where the Strait of Juan  de Fuca meets the Pacific Ocean.    
     The Neah Bay area is home to about 1600 Makah Indians. This is where the Cape Flattery trail lies. Cape Flattery Trail is about a half mile long with about a 200 foot drop. It is made up of dirt, boardwalks and stairs. Some in much needed repairs. The trail end sits on a overlook with a huge drop to the water below. Cape Flattery Light is on  Tahoosh Island. It is decommissioned. There are sea caves on both sides of the lookout.

Trail is a little rough

The Cape Flattery light

Sea otter's below

The Makah Indian guide said this is a Puffin, I not sure

Rocky shore

Before some of the rough trail there are walking sticks for your use, Lighthouse on island

Makah Indian guide

At least 100 feet below the viewing platform

Sea caves

Coming soon the road trip to Cape Flattery. Thanks for following along.