Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BLAZER our wonder dog needs your prayers

Hi, just a short update. Our beloved Blazer has bone cancer. We are writing this with tears in our eyes. We noticed a lump on his face and thought he had some type of a bit. But it was very hard and got a little bigger. We took him to a vet we used to get his shots and yearly check up about a month earlier.  Both she and her partner didn't think it was a bit or an abscess. They suggested an oral surgery in town. We made an appointment and after minor surgery for bone samples we got the bad news. We can do a very ,very extensive surgery, removing part of his jaw and 3 teeth.   But because of all involved and no guarantee, we are passing on surgery. He will be 10 on our oldest sons birthday and the heart mummer is also a problem. He may have a month or two, or a year or more. No one can predict the future for him. So we will love him and be with him. He is still himself, playing as long as your are willing to play with him. He is a very special companion and we will not let him suffer. For now he is still Blazer our super dog. If you have a few spare prayers, keep him in them.
Blazer on the right with 2 of his friends in Fl this passed winter.