Friday, April 29, 2016

Our 2016 six month trip west

When  I turn the key and hear the roar of the engine  will have a smile on my face.  Then when the wheels start turning, the smile gets bigger. We may only be part time RVers, but we still  have  a full timers mentality. I can’t wait to see the “purple mountains majesties and fields of amber waves of grain”.  Those words written by Katherine Lee Bates when she was at Pikes Peak are one of the places we are headed.  Our main goal of the trip is Utah and Colorado and  the states to and fro, and in between.  We haven’t spent much time in this area in our almost 10 years as full time RVer’s. We just toured the west haphazardly. So now we are planning to tour the west going a little willy-nilly. We now have a better idea of things we want to see and we have six months to spend doing it.

     This is a big change in our plans. We were planning to spend the summer on the east coast. But with six months we heard the west calling. We did plan this trip last year. We are not planning to go to the west coast, but you never know. This is why we don’t like making reservations. We do change our plans from day to day if something interesting comes along. But we will have to make some reservation as this is the height of tourist season, with two national holidays. So send us ideas of what not to miss, and if on our route or a slight distant off, we may just get there. From the west we will head back to Pennsylvania to see our family. Then back to Florida for at least part of the winter.

    In our passed Sunday paper there was a special section on our national parks. Of top ten most popular we visited nine. The only one we didn’t visit was Rocky Mountain National Park, just happens to be in Colorado, so we may cross off number ten.

     Linda is a little out of practice for taking pictures, but I bet it won’t be long until she gets in the mood. I just hope we can get out the driveway of our development. In preparation she purchased a new battery for her camera.  So what does that tell you! I hope I can get back in the mood to start blogging.