Thursday, September 14, 2017

Halt in our blogging because of Hurricane Irma

While we were on the coast of Oregon Hurricane Irma was Bering down on Florida. We did talk to friends that rode the storm out. We did find out we had some damage to our home. So we started a 3000 mile trip back home. After seven days of travel we met up with friends in Branson MO. They live in the same park as we do. We needed a few days rest. So we made a plan traveling together to go back to Florida.
     Therefore we will not be blogging for awhile. Hopefully damage is not to bad. Hopefully we will get back out west to see some of the things we missed. Till later.
     Bob and Linda

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Maple Grove Randle WA July 2017

Name; Maple Grove Resort and Golf  Club, Randle WA

Date; July 15-17 2017

Staff; very friendly and helpful. Told of all the events. Sold some great fresh baked cinnamon buns.

Price; a Coast To Cost park,a membership park. Our cost thru C-T-C was $10. Per night. The golf course is right alongside of the RV park. Not sure of the cost to play. This is a K/N resort. Non members can stay for around $50. A night.

Site; our site was on grass, water and electric. There are about 50  full hook up. Being a weekend then were all taken when we arrived. Sometime we can't help but travel on weekends. The FHU's seem to be closer together, I believe they were all pull thru's. There is a dump station, but tight. Only 1 dump. No privacy between sites. The roads were dusty.

Big rig friendly;yes, wide roads. But in the FHU area the roads are narrow. There are some trees to maneuver around.

Amenities; indoor pool, golf, Larger playground,many activities. Breakfast on Sunday.

Laundry; yes, very clean, but small.

Dog Friendly; yes lots of grass and open space

Phone/TV/Wi-Fi; our Verizon worked well, but I didn't check the parks. I believe we paid $2 a day for the parks cable.

Night; not much lighting

Security; no gate.

Book exchange;?, I believe there is one in the office. They do have a selection of  CD's

Bonus; about 25 to 40 miles to MT Reniner and MT Saint Helen Nal PK

Opinion; surrounded by mountains, a great stop over. A beautiful location. A river flows along the back of the park.

Comments; we have stayed here before we would stay here again.  About 15 miles from a grocery store. I believe it is a IGA store.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Road trip to Randle WA, July 2017

     We left Quincy WA heading for Randle WA and the Maple Grove RV Resort And Golf Club  After a short drive on the interstate we cross the Columbia river.

Windmills dot the landscape                                                   Beautiful snow covered mountains

We exit the highway onto route 12,  now this  a steep and beautiful drive.  After a short time the road changes to a narrow two lane road. There are many pull outs for slow moving vehicles. We did use a few if traffic backed up behind us. We are heading up to White Pass.
    Check out these rocky mountains

We immediately notice the cooler fresh air. We make a short stop at the top.
We can see snow capped mountains.  One is Mount Rainier National Park. Now it is  a downhill drive with still more beautiful views.

Pictures taken on the fly. Things just pop up and do the best getting them

We soon arrive at our destination, Randle WA. It is a lot cooler here then our last stop. What a beautiful drive.

July 17, 2017

Leavenworth WA July 2017

   One of the reasons we stayed at Thousand Trails Cracent Bar Resort was to visit Leavenworth village.

 Leavenworth is a Bavarian village in the Cascade mountains. There are many Alpine style buildings. Along the streets are many restaurants serving German foods and beers.

Nutcracker Museum with thousands of Nutcrackers. Town center where arts and craft shows are held.

 We ate at one of the many dog friendly restaurants since we had Hannah with us. The town is dog friendly.
Linda and Hannah cooling off

The Wenctchee River flows through and around the city. There is a great fish hatchery just outside of town.

 The flowers are beautiful.

There are many specialty gift shops.
There are a few wineries in the area, along with a few breweries.  Winter brings the skiers  It's a fun stop. We passed many orchards along the way.
     While at the TT RV park we met a couple from Melbourne about 20 miles from where we live. Talk about a small world.  This happens a number of times.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

. Thousand Trails Crescent Bar, Quincy WA July 2017

Name;  Thousand Trails Crescent Bar, Quincy WA.

Date; July 10th to 15th

Staff;  Very friendly and helpful.

Price;  Membership park, our costs was $0 dollar's. For non members I heard the costs is $75. I'm not sure of the cost.

Site; Gravel full hookup, picnic table. We had a water view. Back in. Some pull thru. Small grass between sites. Gravel roads.

Big rig friendly; Yes, wide roads

Amenities; pool with a hot tub. Super deck overlooking the Columbia River.

Laundry;  yes with newer looking machines

Dog Friendly; Yes the park is dog friendly, but not much grass.

Phone/TV/Wi-Fi; No over the air TV,  my Verizon Mifi and phone OK.

Night; Very quite, some spotty lighting.

Security; Gate with a entry code needed.

Book exchange; not sure

Bonus;  beautiful location, along the Colorado River. About 60 miles from the city of Leavenworth. A Bavarian village with some great restaurants, and shopping. 

Opinion; one of the nicest Thousand Trails we stayed at. Beautiful setting. Well kept park. Can use things like paved roads and sites. Its location location.

Comments; near the neat little town of Quincy . Many orchards and  fresh fruit, verities  depending on the season. About 25 miles from Wenatchee that has all the shopping and services you need. We would stay here again.

A steep drive into the canyon along the Colorado river. A beautiful setting. The RV Resort is at the very left of the bottom photo

Looking out the front of our site

The river in the back seen on the left

Another shoot of our site and the river in the   background

Hannah keeping cool in the shade. In the back is the restrooms/showers/laundry room. The pool and hot tub are just out of sight. Sports courts are to the left

Fellow dog owners please pick up after your dogs. Several park mangers said this is the number complaint and something must be done about the problem. We don't want to see a no pet policy. Please clean up after your dog whether large or small.  

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Quincy WA July 2017

                                Our visit to Quincy WA 2017

      The town still has that small town feel. No big box stores. A lot of small stores and small business. The town is surrounded by many orchards and packing houses . Population around 7000. Reason for our visit is the TT park called Crescent Bar and to visit the town of Leavenworth .

Many murals around town most with just one color and a few with two colors.

A few collages very interesting and great with just shades of one color.

One of the fruit packing houses with hundreds of crates waiting to be  filled

Many vineyards  in the area
Many dwarf fruit trees

Interesting pattern of fields forming what looks like a arrow.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Road trip to Quincy WA from Cheney WA July 10th 2017

                                         Road trip to Quincy WA from Cheney WA July 10th 2017

     We left Cheney WA and headed for Quincy WA. Because of on and off closure of I 90 and because of fires we mapped out a route along secondary roads. We did have to travel a short distance along  I 90. Then it was onto route 23 and then on to the 28 into Quincy. It was  a very interesting route through 6 or 7 small towns. It was farm field after farm field. Very very little traffic, most of the traffic were pick-up trucks or tractor's.

The stories these old barns could tell.

We saw many grain elevators, usually next to a railroad tracks.

Enjoy seeing old building still with business open, no big box stores in the area.

Note the sign, I wonder the age of this building. Just image a Studebaker dealership in this small building. Studebaker went out of business in 1963. I bet the pickers Frank and Mike from the hit show on the discovery channel would like to get this sign.

Many old pick ups for sale.

Fields after fields.

More grain elevators, standing like sentinels.

There are little signs hanging from the arms of the welcome sign telling of some of the business in this town. I wonder what was in the empty spots.

Garlic plants in corn and wheat country.

We have a town near our home town in PA  with the same name.

Linda tries getting pictures of wall art or murals. She capture hundreds and hundreds. I think her quest is to capture all in the country. Some day we will get then all in a folder and create a slide show for our digital picture frame.  She has many historic murals that tell the history of the town. We have photos from Florida to Alaska. It would be quite a project.  
 The back  roads are great. Charles Kuralt said something like this, note sure if the quote is correct "you can travel the interstates from coast to coast and see nothing"