Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feb 26 2009

Hi! Everyone, We are continuing our journey, Our next stop was Abita Springs, LA. We stayed at the Abita Springs RV Resort. Their were several things to visit, but were closed the days we were there, like an alligator farm, Abita Brewery and museums. It is usually like this we're either to early or to late. We did get to eat Beignets ( deep fried dough covered with powdered sugar), at Cafe Du Monde( they are well known for them). They also have a place in New Orleans. We visited H.J. Smith and Sons Merchandise store and museum. It has been family owned since 1876. They had anything you can think of. The museum was a glimpse into the 19th century. Novelist Walker Percy started his writing here.
We took a ride to Biloxi, sure did look different, all the big beautiful mansions were gone. There was some new construction going on. You can still see the devistation, driveways leading to nothing, pillars and foundations with nothing on them and sometimes an RV being used for their home. Some Casino's were still under construction.
On the 18th we headed to Breaux Bridges for Mardi Gras Celebrations, and boy did we celebrate. We stayed at Poeche's Fish -N-RV Park. They also have a meat market, smokehouse and restaurant with many LA speciality meats. We were backed up to one of the 5 lakes there. Bob did a lot of fishing with his partner Blazer.
We visited Avery Island. We toured the Tabasco Pepper Sauce factory, The Jungle Gardens and Bird City. We sampled Tabasco ice cream, soda, mustard, ketchup plus many other sauces. They ship to 19 non english speaking countries. Saw 5 gators in the gardens and a huge Budda statue.
We visited Konriko, America's oldest Rice Mill. Visit It is on the National Register of Historic Places. The mill was built in 1912. Sampled Rice and coffee. We got to see someone we drove while at Disney this year, her husband was owner of the mill.

We met up with Linda and Jim Sullivan. We worked the past 2 years at Disney with them, plus Linda is one of the 4 Linda's that we worked with. Sometimes all 4 worked at the same time, such fun we had. We stopped at the Lafayette Tourist Center and again met someone we drove at Disney Food and Wine. He gave us a great Zydeco CD. While there a nice lady heard us talking to Jerry and offered to show us around town so we'd get familiar before the parades started. vWe followed her, all the while she was talking to Bob on the cell telling him all good info. A place to park at one of her friends, a great restaurant and invited us to the 22nd Annual Krewe de Canaille Bal de Mardi Gras at Breaux Bridge. We ate at the restaurant, parked and went to the parade and went to the Ball, and we had a great time. We probably each got 10 lbs of beads. The ball was great. Watched the king and queen dance, plus everyone with great costumes having a lot of fun. The Shrimp and Oyster Po Boys were great also.

We stopped at a museum and were told we should have a sign, 2 ladies got us cardboard and we made a sign, one side said "GOT BEADS" the other said PENNSYLVANIA and NEW JERSEY

that is where Linda and Jim are from. The sign did help.

On Sat. we went to Cafe Des Amis which is a must for sure. Breakfast starts at 7AM. The Band starts at 8:30. The Line starts at 6:30. We got there at 8. Drinking already started. We stood in line about 1hr before we got in, then another half hour till we got a table. Dancing was well on it way. Sat down about 9;30 and finished eating at 11:30 as the band played it's last song. People sure do party anytime of the day. We even danced a little.

Next parade it rained but that didn't stop anyone. We got another 10lbs or so of beads.

We visited Martin Accordian Inc. in Scott LA. This is a 3 person business, father, daughter and nephew. Turns out we drove Mr. Martin at Disney this year, he recognized Linda. They gave a history and for 1 1/2 hrs played music. They are no relation to Martin Guitar in Pa. But they wish they were. Our next visit was to Rayne, LA. The "Frog Capital" of the world and the "Mural City". Of course every Mural was of frogs. Rayne is also known for shipping 10 thousand lbs. of frogs legs a week thru out the US. There is also St. Joseph's Cemetery that is listed in Ripley's as the only known U.S. cemetery that faces north to south. Did you know that graves face east to west. Life begins with the rising of the sun in the east, and the end of life with the setting sun in the west.

On the 24th we went to Lafayette again for Mardi Gras Day. This was an all day celebration. 3 parades, costume judging, food and fun. Groups of people set up grills, smokers and party stuff, you can't imagine what all they had. After 3 parades we had over 25lbs of beads each. Now what do we do with them? Any ideas?

From the dogs: What's with this music they play? Blazer went fishing with dad a few times but, he didn't catch fish like dad did. We got a bath and it sure was nice to roll in nice green grass for a change. They put something called BEADS around our necks and took our pictures, we have enough things around our neck already.

Colleen any good tips on Alaska?

Look for photos

Keep your E-mails coming we love to hear from everyone.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feb 2009

Hi! Everyone,

It's been awhile, but we are on the road again. We have left Walt Disney World and Florida behind us.

We had many visitors again this year. Our last visitors were our son Mark and daughter-in-law Tracey and their friends Deb and Keith along with their neighbors Kris and Tillie.

We left Davenport and headed to Old Town, Fl. While in Old Town we visited Fanning Springs State Park. We did get to see 4 manatees (2 cows and 2 calfs). We also went to Cedar Key on the Gulf Coast, they boast about being the largest clam farming region in the U.S. We stopped at Southern Cross Sea Farms. We were fortunate to arrive while they were inducing the clams to release their sperm and eggs. They did this by changing water temps several times. We got to see thru a microscope the eggs being fertilized. When they become the size of the tip of your little finger, they are put in special bags, and taken out to the bay to be planted. They will be harvested in about 1 1/2 to 2 years later.

Our next stop was DeFuniak Fl. Nice place to do nothing. We did spend some time on the beaches in Fort Walton and Destin. Beautiful resort areas.

After DuFuniak we headed for The Gulf Shores of Alabama. We're Staying at Gulf State Park.
We came to meet friends who are 1 of the 2 couples we plan on meeting up with and do some traveling with to and from Alaska.

From here we will head to the "Silver Slipper Casino" in Bay St. Louis. We will be there over Valentines Day. They have special events planned for the holiday.

Our stop after that will be Louisiana for Mardi Gras. We plan to be there for about a month, before heading to Texas.

We will try to up date our blog more frequently. We'll keep you posted on our travels. Let us know what's bin going on with you and your families.

From the Dogs: Guess we aren't paying rent again, we 're on the move . Many new sniffs. Mom and Dad says's there is a sigh that says "BEWARE OF ALLIGATORS", so we 're not aloud outside by ourselves. WHAT ARE ALLIGATORS anyway?

Take care,we'll get back to you'all real soon. Bob and Linda