Monday, February 16, 2015

Update on Linda

Hi, just a brief update on Linda. Linda is doing better. Her blood count numbers are not where the doctors want then, but they are  getting better. She is feeling a whole lot better. Sorry I haven't got back to each of you but with things going on I just seem to find myself running out of time each day.  But THANK YOU TO ALL for all your good wishes and prayers.

   Love Bob and  Linda

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The bad and the good

To all our friends, The good news is Linda is out of the hospital. The bad news is  Linda was hospitalized with acute kidney failure on Sunday(1/25/15).  After two dialysis treatments she is doing much better.   There were several other complications. At this time we do not know how much damage was done to the kidneys. She is scheduled for two doctor appointments this week along with blood test. She went to the hospital with flu like symptoms. Boy were we blind sided.
     We received a large outpouring of offers of help and prayers from friends and neighbors who knew what happened . RVing friends as far away as Arizona offered to pack up and be here in a couple of days to help. We THANK  all  of you so very much. Keep praying that the  next couple of weeks go well.
      Bob and Linda