Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thousand Trails/Outdoor World Timothy Lake

Park; Thousand Trails/Outdoor World Timothy Lake South, Timothy Lake Road RR6, East Stroudsburg PA, 18302
Date; 8/12/12-9/9/12            
Staff;  Very friendly and helpful staff.           
Price;  $0.00 for 3 weeks, then $29. For the 4th week. Non members I believe it is $40. a night.
Site Description; We had a back in site on gravel/grass.  We backed up to a thick tree line on the upper section of the park.  We had full hook up with 50amp electric. The site was fairly level. Hook ups were good. There is a picnic table and fire ring. Not much privacy between sites in this section. We choose this section for satellite receptions. Other sections have trees and scrubs between sites, see photos. A total of 297 sites.
Big Rig friendly; Yes, very big friendly. The road off route 209 to the park, about 4 miles, is a little narrow, but no problem if you take your time.

Most of the time this is our neighborhood, no neighbors.

 Filling up for Labor Day

Amenities; Many amenities as usual at TT parks, pool, clubhouse, planned activities, etc.  There was a covered dish pig roast over Labor Day, free for all guests. Timothy Lake North has an indoor water park and outdoor pool. “North” is for small rv’s only. There are about 125 cabins for rent in the north section. North is where the lake is located.
Laundry; There is a very clean laundry in the club house, with 3 washers and dryers.
Phone/Wifi/TV; Our Verizon phone worked well with 3G, 3-4 bars most times. We did have a few days were we had trouble connecting to the internet. One of our neighbors had the same problem. I thought it was our computer, but it was the phone.  TV over the air was good, received all major networks. The park was installing a new Wi Fi system. Not sure through  if there is a charge, or if is up and running. They were installing some new antennas by the club house.
Dog friendly; YES,yes. Acres and acres to walk your dogs.
Night;  Very dark, little to no light at all.  Very quiet even over Labor Day when the park was full.
Book Exchange; Very tiny book exchange in the clubhouse
Typical back in
 Typical pull thur, at least 50 similar to this. Some with low hanging branches. Many are very long but a little narrow.
 Daily visiters.

Summary; This is a great park. Very clean and being well maintained. Sure it can have sum upgrades, but almost all parks can use a little upgrading. The only problem we encounter was our surge guard shut down twice during peak hours when the park was full. But it came back on in minutes. The small lake is supposed to have some good fishing, but we didn’t give it a try. The water park is a big bonus, with an indoor lazy river. The north campground is about a mile from the south section. Every day we had deer and a few geese walking through the park. In the lower section of the park about 30 sites are being used for storage. There are a few of these sites with 2 to up to 4 rvs on some of them. Some look like they have been there for a very long time. There are few restaurants and pizza shops starting about two miles from the resort. Five  miles from the park there are many more restaurants. Major grocery shopping is about five miles to a “Super Foodtown” .Large flea market across from food store. The park has several miles of paved roads for walking or biking.  Bonus; you are in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. Just on the border of Delaware Water Gap National Park. We will be back.

Thousand Trails/Outdoor World Gettysburg Farm

PARK; Thousand Trails/Outdoor World Gettysburg Farm, 6200 Big Mount Road Dover PA
Date; 7/29/12-8/10/12
Staff; Very friendly and helpful

Price; $0. For members, about $40. For non members
Site Description; We had a back in on grass/gravel, more grass then gravel. We had a full hook up with 50 amp electric. The site was fairly level.  We had a picnic table and fire ring. We needed 30 foot of sewer hose to connect to the sewer hookup, and this is common in many of the sites. So bring enough sewer hose.  There were a few large trees at our site.

Check out the sewer hose-30 foot
The road to our site.

Amenities; Very active schedule, like most TT parks. There is a large pool, clubhouse, mini golf, etc, etc. This is a country atmosphere resort with many farm animals. There are goats, horses, cows, chickens, ducks, pigs, etc. 4 o’clock is feeding time, and the kids can help feed.  The club house is very country with a large stone fireplace.  About 250 sites with 20 rental cabins.
Laundry; There is a very clean laundry in the clubhouse.
Phone/Wifi/TV; Our Verizon phone worked very well. Not sure about wifi. Over the air TV we receive all major networks.
Dog Friendly; Yes, very large park with many areas to walk a dog.
Night; Very low light at night. Very quite even though the park was full while we were there.
Book Exchange; Small book exchange in clubhouse.
The pool area
 A tractor show one of the weekends we were there. See the bathtub tractor, it did run. They had a parade around the park
 This 1920 steam tractor was driven hear from a nearby farm.

Summary; Out in the country and about 8-10 miles from grocery shopping and many Restaurants. A few small restaurants about six miles. About 15 miles from downtown York with many factory
tours in the area. 18 miles from Gettysburg National Park.  The park is a great location for touring the area. We will try to get back to do some of the factory tours. The park sits along the Conestoga Creek. We did have some very heavy rains while there The ground was already saturated and some of the sites down toward the creek had 2-3 inches of water laying around them for a day or two. There ara limited number of 50 amp sites. They let you choose your own site, like most TT Parks, but it burns my butt when I see a pop up with a 20 mp cord on a 50 amp site and a large 5th wheel or Motor home have to take a 30  amp site. There are many seasonal/annual sites on the limit 50 amp sites. The park was nearly full for the 12 days we were here.  We would definitely stay here again.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Starting our 8th year full tinning

    Wow, time sure does fly. We started this journey with four and now there are two.  We have lost our two wonderful traveling companions Lilly and Blazer in the passed two years.  .We truly miss them both, but their ashes are on board, so they continue to travel with us. They were wonderful travelers and super companions. Can't say any more or the tears will flow.
     September started our 8th year. We have been preoccupied with many things going on here in PA. This is the reason  for the delay in writing. With so much happening here we were not very inspired to do any blogging. We are trying to get back to normal. We blog as a journal for ourselves and family and to take you along on our travels. We really enjoy hearing your comments
     Year 7 started in Lancaster PA. We had moved 26 times this year and had stayed at 13 new RV Parks with 13 repeats. Our stays ranged from 1 night to 97 nights, that was while working/playing  at Dollywood.  We also had a 60 day stay at Anastasia State Park in ST Augustine FL were we volunteered. Other then those two long stays we usually stayed 7 to 21 days. The passed couple of years we have  slowed down a bit. We usually stay 7 days or longer unless we have to get to some place where we may move more frequently.
   This year we took a vacation on a super Cruise with our oldest son Cy and his wife Dawn for their 20 anniversary. This is the first vacation we took in the passed 7 years. I know, I know some people suggested that we are on vacation 365/24. But that's not true. Our life style may be a little different then many retired folks but we have to do many everyday thing like all of you. We have to clean, shop for groceries, do banking, pay bills, get hair cuts, go to doctors, etc etc. Did you ever wash and wax an RV. think about washing your car, now multiple that by 6 or 7 times. Do you do those thing on your vacation? I didn't think so, so you see we spend a lot of time doing things just like you. Our back yard may change from a beach to a mountain lake to a desert landscape, but in many ways we are just like many other Americans. We may not cut grass or shovel snow, but neither do people in the South West or folks who live in apartments. Get the idea, its not all about touring and visiting attractions. So yes, like you, we do need a vacation now and then.
   Over the years two questions always come up. What is your favorite state, place, or what ever? And. Do you have any regrets? I'll answer the second questions first as it is very easy.  Two big regrets, missing family time and not starting at an earlier age. For our favorite place it takes a little more thought. There is a lot of serendipity in our travels. We enjoy where we are today. Every new place is a new adventure. We have many memorable adventures that are our favorite place at that time. There is no one place, its the whole lifestyle. that makes for our favorite place. Look in our archives for our post "Starting our 7th Year full timing" for more on these two questions.