Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mount Spokane WA July 2017

     Mount Spokane State Park on the outskirts of Spokane is a beautiful retreat from city life. It is one of the largest ST PK's in the system. There are 8 campsites with no hookups. There is a very clean restrooms, no showers. While at Ponderosa RV Resort we took a ride to Mont Spokane. It is the highest mountain peaks in eastern WA. Hard to choose just a few photo's for our blog. Enjoy the ones we picked.

A curvy road

So many overlooks

Bear flowers, Linda loves the flower. Many different ones blooming when we were there.

Check out the road, and no guard rails

A nice cool walk at the top. Very refreshing since we left 90 degree weather when we left.

Cheny WA Parade and Rodeo July 2917

      Cheney WA July 2017. While driving around Cheney we saw some roads being close off. Found out there was going to be a parade shortly and a rodeo that evening. This was the second day of the rodeo which was a three day event. For once we lucked out and are not a week to early or to late. So we find a spot to sit and watch the parade and buy advanced tickets for the rodeo.

Beautiful hanging basket all around the downtown.

One of the many rodeo queens from other rodeo's. There must of been 20 or so. Never knew Washington was a cowboy and cowgirl state with so many rodeos.

Up, up and over and down the backside.

Another queen, Linda didn't get to photograph all of them.

One of the rodeo clowns stopped and posed for Linda

Forest fires are a big  concern in Washington. There were some burning in nearby forest.

The start of the rodeo.

An all girl precision drill team

Just some of the queens.
Action. The dust begins to fly

The money shot. It took Linda many tries to get a shot like these.

More action

We didn't get any bronco or bull riding shots. Most were at night under the lights. This was a professionally sanctioned rodeo. This was the second day of a three day event.  


. Ponderosa Falls Resort,Cheney WA., July 2017

            Cheney was just a short way into Washington. Just a short distance west of Spokane.

       Ponderosa Falls

Name; Ponderosa Falls RV Resort, 7520 South Thomas Mallem Rd Cheney WA

Date; July 2017

Staff; Very friendly and helpful

Price; $10 per night, a Coast to Coast member

Site; Gravel off level, wooded with very tall pine trees . We had a picnic table

Big rig friendly; Yes, but not all sites are

Amenities; Many, indoor heated pool, large club house weekend dinners and all the usual you find at a resort.

Laundry; yes looked large, we didn't check it out

Dog Friendly; The park is, but lacking areas to walk a dog.

Phone/TV/Wi-Fi Verizon worked well, didn't check the parks Wi-Fi Cable TV available for $2 a day. OTA TV had all major networks

Night; Quite, low lighting

Security; Coded gate

Book exchange; ?

Bonus; Many activities for kids

Opinion; Large park, could be used for a destination park as many folks from Spokane used it for that purpose. Many had seasonal sites, but all kept neat

Comments; we would stay here again, only problem was many sites close together. Weekend it was full, many kids.
     From here we visited Mount Spokane. We also found out about a parade and rodeo. We did take in both and enjoyed both. See in another blog.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Road trip to Idaho, July, 2017

      After a breakfast of the Huckleberry shake we soon arrive if Idaho.

Very beautiful area

Some steep areas

When you see this sign you know steep hills are ahead

An interesting name since it is just passed the 4th

Beautiful Lake Coeur D's Alene

Bob and the huckleberry shake,July 2017

     After we left the Rural RV park and pass Missoula we start seeing signs for Huckleberry shake's. After about 3 or 4 signs Bob says I have to try one of those. So we stopped at the St. Regis travel center.

Bob hurring in for his huckleberry shake. This is breakfast, as it is early morning.

Happy Bob
Next stop Idaho.

#5. Turah RV Park and store, July 2017

         Turah RV Park and store 

Name; Turah RV Park and Store

Date; July 2017

Staff; very friendly owner.

Price; $33, $30 for veterans

Site; Very long pull thru full hook up,50amp electric, very narrow. New picnic table, fire ring. Gravel, fairly level.

Big rig friendly; yes

Amenities; older but very clean restrooms with combination lock door. Small workout area with several exercise machines. A small store with a wide range of from some food items to fishing supplies.

Laundry; Yes, older but clean

Dog Friendly; Yes, large off leash fenced in area. Also used as a play area, strange, but no children seen while we were there.

Phone/TV/Wi-Fi; Verizon phone and Mifi worked well. Over the air TV was good

Night; Poor night lighting. Some road and train noise.

Security; no gate but someone in office from early morning to late evening.

Book exchange; Very Large amount of books.

Bonus; Across the street from the Clark Fork River. Great fishing and floats. Super busy on weekends.

Opinion; Roads are newly paved, but sites can use some upgrades. Many permanent sites not well kept.  We stayed here because of a blown tire and It was the closest park  to our location along I 90. We needed some place till we could get a new tire, it happen to be 4th of July Eve. The park served our needed.

Comments; many fisherman stay here. The Clark Fork River is just across the road. Also  folks stay here to kayak and float the river.
    One night would we were sound asleep something shook our RV. At first we thought it was the wind. But no the RV was vibrating. It seemed like it lasted 3 or 4 minutes, but I guess it was only a minute or two. Holy mackerel it's a EARTHQUAKE.  What the heck, what next. Hannah barked a couple of times. Then we hear talking outside. I look out and see a small group of people outside wondering around with flashlight.  It wasn't a pretty sight seeing all those folks in sleep ware. But I joined them, I hope Improved the look. Everyone is discussing what just happened. After we all agreed it must have been a EARTHQUAKE back to bed. The next morning we saw on TV indeed we were right, it was a EARTHQUAKE about 70 miles from our location. 

The entrance to the park, this is the small store

Our site from the front

Our site from the rear, note how long the site is

Notice the narrow width