Monday, December 21, 2009

Dec 2009 California

Hi! Everyone, it sure is hard to believe Christmas is just a few days away and the end of year is near. It has been a year to remember by all.

We’ve been a little laid back the past month or so. We traveled through rain, sleet and a few inches of snow as we traveled through some of the mountains, here in CA.

We took a few day trips, we visited the San Diego Zoo and saw a three day old giraffe, the baby Panda was not out to the public yet, but you could watch him on camera. We visited Imperial Beach. The surf was impressive (rough), the surfers were having a great time. We stayed at Pio Pico in Jahmul, there were several coyotes in the park and we were serenaded nightly by them. Our day on the USS Midway was very interesting Along the waterfront there are statues of Bob Hope and several servicemen listening to him, you can listen to him entertaining the troops. There is a huge statue of the famous Welcome Home sailor and his girl the nurse.

Next stop Desert Hot Springs, the water from the springs is so hot they have to cool it off before adding it to the pool. They have 3 hot tubs each with a different temperature. From here we visited Joshua Tree National Park. . We listened to Christmas Carole’s as we toured the park, but it was not the same as hearing the Christmas Story, watching Dr. Sinclair and listening to the voices of the choir’s singing the Carole’s at Disney. It made us really miss everyone and the Candlelight Procession. We also miss Diane’s great Christmas cookies, Bob especially misses the rum balls. Say hi! To Jas and Denise (we’re not sure who else is still there). We also visited the Oasis of Murals in 29 Palms, a historic outdoor art gallery displaying the heritage of the desert oasis. There were 24 murals and 1 sculpture.

On the 22nd we will leave for Valencia and meet up with the Escapees for the Rose Parade. We will be there till the 2nd of Jan. and the last stop in CA. for us.

Our next update will be next year (seems so far away). Keep in touch we love hearing from you all. See new pictures below. Lilly and Blazer say Hi.


San Diego Dec 2009

3 day old giraffe

Bob Hope entertaining the troops

Welcome home

Snow & Sleet storm CA Dec 2009

Towing through the mountains of CA. A sudden storm.

Disneyland CA DEC 2009

Original Street Cars in San Francisco Nov 09

San Francisco CA 11 2009

Turning the cable cars.

Steep hill

The Painted Ladies


Alcatraz Nov 2009

Jelly Belly Factory Nov 2009

Murals made out of jelly beans

Charles Schultz Museum Nov 2009

Redwood National Park-Nov 2009