Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ochlockonee River State Park Slopchoppy Florida


                                                      Ochlockonee River State Park
        We traveled about 185 miles from Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park to Ochlockonee River State Park in Sopchoppy Florida.

     We wanted to see the white squirrels and the Piebald deer. We had to make a reservation which we hate doing. We still like to travel without restrictions, as to when and where we must be on a certain date. We like willy-nilly travel.  The park has cat face pine trees used in the turpentine industry. To us many of the pine trees looked like long needle pine trees. The park is home to the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker. A number of trees with white bands painted on them house their nest. We didn’t see any. There are also black bears in the park. We didn’t see them either.

     We did have several white squirrels living in the trees around our RV. They seem to be larger then the grey squirrels with much longer tails. They had no fear of humans. They would come down a tree and just look at you, waiting for a hand out. I guess many folks break the cardinal rule of “don’t feed the wildlife”. They would run across the roof of our RV and sit on the picnic table, again looking for a hand out. It was fun watching their antics. The black birds would dive at them when they were in the tree tops and chase them to the ground. They would turn around and scurry right back up. It seemed to be a game.

       The campground has 30 sites each with water and 30 amp electric. Some of the hooks ups are on the wrong side, like our site. It is big rig slightly friendly, with caution. We had a 42 foot motor home and a 40 foot 5th wheel there while we were there. They were on 2 pull thru sites, all the rest are back ins. Very Very dark at night. The sites are packed sand. The road to the ranger station is about a mile and a quarter from route 319 and is really rough. The campground in about a half mile from the ranger station. There is a nice boat ramp and swimming area. Also a large picnic area. A worker told us the park is being close in July to update the H2O and electric, and some other improvements. It is expected to be closed for 3 to 4 months according to the worker. There is not much shopping in the area, so bring what you need including bug spray. Did I mention the bugs? I was told there are 3 different type biting flies. I never saw yellow flies before.  Most times the bugs were very pesky. The park is well kept.  Date of stay May 2017, our cost with reservation fee was $26. for 2 night.
Our site

White tail deer

The pines

The Ochlockonee River


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park


                                                                           Rock Crusher RV Park
Date of stay May 2017
     This is a very nice large RV Park with about 400 sites. It looks that about half the sites are annual/seasonal. With all those long term sites I did not notice a one trashy site. These folks take pride in keeping their sites nice. Many of the sites have many nice improvements. The park offers many amenities. The pool is screened in and on the larger size. But I saw very few folks using it even with the 90 degree weather. Maybe on the weekends. The park is divided in two, the lower section and the upper section. The only drawback for us was it was a very long walk to the fenced in dog park. I wish the dog park could have been a little larger and there was one in both the upper and lower sections. The sites are all back in with full hookups and 50 watt electric. Most all the sites are large. Many are very long. It was very quite at all the time. There are several laundry rooms. all Very clean.  One problem I found here with is becoming common in many RV Parks is the addition of permanent rental park models. For every rental put in, it is one less RV site. I can expand on this but don’t want to make this a negative review on this park. Our cost 3 days Passport America, $63.00, 1 day Good Sam $37.20. Great cable TV. Sites are grass/sand/dirt mix. Roads are all paved. Big rig friendly. Some leveling needed




2017 trip to somewhere The start

                                                                                      2017 RV Trip to ??

     We are off on our 2017 trip. We are heading west and then north. The weather is dictating some of our route. We left home on the 14th of May, about 2 months later them we wanted. But now we have the doctors ok so we are off. We hope to be on the road for about 5 to 6 months.  

     I hope to do a better job of blogging this trip. We never did finish up last year’s trip blog; we named our trip west. Part of the problem was we covered so many wonderful places, hikes, and tours etc. that when we came back to the RV we were pooped. Another problem was my side kick, shutter-bug Linda took 11,060 pictures. You are reading correctly that’s eleven thousand. We are still sorting thru all those photos. Sure am thankful for digital photos.   

     Our first stop Was Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park in Crystal River Florida. A super park more on this RV Park later. The RV Park was 125 miles from our home. We do have a new traveling companion by the name of Hannah. She is our rescued puppy from the month of October . She is about a year old now and she comes in a large size. She is wonderful traveling and no problem when she is with us. She does have a very serious problem of separation anxiety. Slowly we hope we can get her to the point where we can leave her in the RV without barking, or having any other problem. We had the same problem at our home but we got her over that. Now it’s training all over again. So far we made a little progress. Did I mention she is a wonderful loving dog?
                               Look I can fit under the table
      Consequently we didn’t check out some of the local restaurants.  We did do a little driving tour of the area. Crystal River is on the Gulf coast. We went to Fort Island beach. It is a very nice small beach. There is a long pier for fishing or just watching sunsets.  We also toured Encore Crystal River RV Resort. We then drove the Withlacoochee Bay Trail. It was little rough sand and gravel road. We turned around after a couple of miles. They do have one of the longest paved walking trials in Florida. We then toured Yankeetown. It is very small old Florida Town with a population of about 500. We drove on the “Follow That Dream Parkway”. Parts of the area were filmed in the 1960 movie of the same name featuring Elvis. We also drove many or the side streets of the town. Then it was back to the RV. We didn’t plan to much as our goal is to get Hannah use to the RV.