Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some pictures I skipped

Here is our oldest son's new outdoor kitchen with the pizza oven, construction and finished product. He and his wife Dawn did all the work. Bob having the first pizza. Inside the oven, Cy making a pizza.

While at Shady Maple our favorite Smorgasboug we saw these cycles.

Next blog we will post some pictures of our others to sons homes.

March to July in PA

  While in Pa we did get to tour around a little. We went to Hershery to tour the Antique Auto Club of America museum. There is a display of buses, cars and motor cycles.  When we were there they did have a traveling display of Indy officical pase cars.
The bus used in the Forest Gump movie.

  The type motor scooter Linda crashed in Bermuda on Jan of 1966.

 Ratan seats in a restored bus.

From here we went to the Hershey Chocolate factory.
 White chocolate Reese's, a must try, how about a 5 pound box.

Bob is always trying to make new friends.

Next we went to Hershey Gardens. Not to much blooming as we were there after most of the springs flowers were done blooming and the summer flowers were in buds.

 Next photo's are of beautiful Lancaster county. The first one is looking out the back of the RV park we are staying at. The next is looking at the RV park from a country road, the park is in the trees. This is Roamers Retreat in Kinzer PA

The next photo's are of my(Bob's) aunts 90th birthday party. She is my only living aunt.

The following photo's are of beautiful Lancaster county. Did you ever wonder were marshmallows come from. Here is a secret marshmallow farm.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Circle M Outdoor World Lancaster PA 5-2011, 6-2011

Site: We had a back in full hookup 50 amp site. No privacy between sites. Few trees. Another RV about 10 feet behind us.  Good space between sites.  Some sites were very close. Site was gravel. All roads were paved.  Big rig friendly and most roads were wide for easy back in.
Laundry:There is a laundry, but we didn't use it or check it out.
TV,WIFI,Phone: There are 3 free cable channels, ABC, NBC, CBS. Then there is pay cable for many additional channels. Not sure of the coast. Over the air about 10-12 channels. Wifi in adult lounge. Our Verizon phone worked well.
Amenities: Many, many, indoor pool; outdoor pool. Indoor water park. Covered mini golf. Chip and putt course. This is a family oriented park. Many activities.
Location: On route 741 in Millersville/Lancaster.
Summary: A very very busy park in season. Many, many kids. Not the type park we are use to. There are many rental cabins. The renters are not Rver's and behave a lot different, like cutting thru sites. Also they do not seem as friendly as Rver's. This is our second stay here and the time before school let out was not as busy. But it was busy with a lot of kids. Sorry no photo's.
Bonus: In Lancaster county, one of the pettiest areas in the US

Still in PA

   Hi, and thank you to each and everyone who have sent their best wishes and prayers for Blazer. I am sorry I didn't get to email each and every one of you, and thank you, but we are still very busy. Blazer is doing fine. He still wants to play 24/7 like always. No side effects yet. We did get a call from the University of Pennsylvania to possibly include Blazer in a experimental program, as he is a good candidate for this experiment. We are still deciding and have to August 1st, the date of our appointment in Philly with the vets doing the study/experiment. It almost sounds more invasive then the surgery we declined not to do. So after we made our decision we have to make another one. Things just aren't going easy for us this year.
     We have been super busy getting things in order here in Downingtown. Linda's brother is doing great. He still has a long way to go to get out of rehab, but each day he is getting stronger. Susan in doing much better and we hope within the next week she can get into their apartment in assisted living. They are in two different rehab facilities which makes things tough. All of the furniture is at the auction house going up for auction on the 21st. of this month. The house is going on the auction block on the 3rd of August. We still have a lot of stuff in both attics and the basement and garage to go to the auction house which we hope  will all go this week. As if this is not enough,  I have been summons to jury duty this passed week. We ask each day, What next?
    In spite of all, we can see the open road ahead. This is what keeps us going. We are planning on leaving here on the 16th of August.  It will have been almost 5 months we spent here. We are glad we could have done this, but are looking to hit the road. It has been very trying and tiring. Having to make decisions for other peoples lives is very hard on us mentally.We did and are doing the best we can, but it is not easy.
   Our only firm planes are to be in Florida by sometime in October. We plan on spending the winter in FL,  and staying on the east coast just in case we are needed in PA. The best thing about being in PA, is being close to our sons and their wifes. We just wish we we could spend more time with them. We have things on our bucket list, and hope to get back to them soon. We are thankful for what we have done and hope and pray our health keeps  us on the road.