Friday, September 27, 2013

A new electroic gadget in our life - a Mifi or Jet Pack

    As full time RVer's we depend on our computer quite a bit. I can't believe I just said that. About 15 years ago I didn't even know how to turn on a computer, and even worst I didn't want anything to do with them. When our son Mark was taking charge of our business, one of the first things he did was start to incorporate the use of computers in things like payroll, estimates, etc. to my disapproval. My disapproval was short lived when I saw he could do our payroll in minutes and even print the checks. This usually took Linda an hour or two every week. Wow! what else can that thing do? I was hooked , but to proud to admit it at first. But now it is a very important part of our life. We use it to do our banking, check our credit cards and of course "surf", without water. Aside from surfing we book reservations, keep in touch with family and friend. We also Blog. This is why an internet connection is so important to us. Hence the need for a "hotspot".
    I wasn't sold on the idea of another electric gadget until a visiting friend bought one, and let me hook up to his hot spot. Thanks Dave H. from our Carriage Club. I was very impressed with the speed of this new gadget. Of course when we went to the Verizon store we also purchased new cell phones, as we were ready for an update. Isn't that nice of Verizon to tell us we were now eligible for an update. So a few hundred dollars later we now have a super "hotspot" and new smart phones. This is a really big step for us, as at one point we didn't know how to set that forever blinking lite on the front of our VCR player. We waited for one of the kids to come to the house to set that blinking light on the VCR.  But I am very impressed with the fast internet connection. Thanks Dave.
    With our smart phones we can now "text". Oh, my. We are getting to technical. We haven't texted yet, but will give it a try in the near future.  We just feel we would rather "talk" then "text" to someone. Can't understand the rage of texting. But we also don't play video games, other then the simple ones installed on our computer when we purchased it. We like to believe we are "with it", but I'm not sure what that means any more.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pierogies and potato pancakes(bleenie's), our soul food

     Growing up in eastern Pennsylvania and being of Slovak and Hungarian decent Bob and Linda Pennsylvania Dutch,  pierogies were part of our weekly menu. These are an ethnic food that has captured many nationalities. Many of the catholic church's in our area would have pierogies sales for a fund raiser. During Lent these sales were weekly in many of the local churches. Unfortunately    many of the elderly ladies of the churches no longer make these food treats. There are still some limited sales but not as many as there use to be. While shopping at a local food store in the Pocono's who were celebrating their 25th anniversary and had many samples of food items they sold. One of these was T and L pierogies.  One taste and we were hooked. They make 8 different type pierogies. You can see more here  The biggest differences between these and the homemade church pierogies is these are frozen. But they are great and are almost as good as the church pierogies we grew up with
     The store was also giving samples of their T and L's homemade potato pancakes or bleenie's. We did buy a 2lb container. The pancakes also come as large as 4 gallon containers.  Linda did make the potato pancakes and they were just ok. Not near as good as hers or our daughter-in-law Dawn's. Oh by the way Dawn, I could go for some of your good homemade potato pancakes. If I get them, she reads our blog. I'll let you know.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Blog has a new look, blogging, KOA's

     Hi, we thought we needed a blog change. So Linda picked the new  back ground color . Tell us what you think.  We have now posted over 500 blog post. Since 1/1/2013 we have over 51,000 hits on our blog. We have 45 readers that signed up to be blog followers. So we thought it was time for a little change.
      On our travels out west and our hurried journey back to PA we stayed at 3 different KOA's. Usually we avoid KOA's because of their price. We don't like paying $30-35 or more per night to just plug into electric. So we pick a park in barginland if we can find one. That is why we use Passport America a lot when traveling. But a Passport America  park may not always be along our route. At the price of diesel and gas, going to far out of the way is not cost effect to save $10-15 dollars. So we used some KOA's that were right within a mile or so of our route. We do not use Wal-Mart's as many RVer's do. We do use casino's for free or low prices parking, but they, in most cases, have very good security. In 40 + years of Rving we only stayed 3 times at unsecure places like a Wal-Mart, and that was in emergency situations.   Two were flying "J's" and a Cracker Barrel.  This is our choice. I know I will hear from some RVer's that blacktop camp, but that is their choice.  We are usually off  the road by 2 in the afternoon and don't want to sit in a parking lot. In our opinion this is not boon docking. Boom docking is parking in some of America's beautiful National Parks and National forest, etc. I know I'll get some emails or comments about this post, but again I repeat this is our opinion and option.
   The reason I started this post about staying at KOA's is because KOA is now listing their RV parks in 3 different categories.  The 3 new categories  are Journey, Holiday and Resort. You can read more about their new categories on their web site. I guess the one's we stayed at on our recent journey were "Journeys'"
      Wow did I get off topic. I started this blog to talk about blogging. We have change our blog look a little. But I an having problems with changing our picture at the top of the blog. The present photo is from our trip to Alaska looking down on Salmon Glacier just outside of Hieder Alaska.  We want to add a more recent photo. We are also having problems adding a 2013 map of our travels. The biggest problem there is no one at Google we can call and talk to. Not being very computer savvy is my problem. I am self taught on the little I can do. We will work on our small problems and in the mean time continue with what we have.   Maybe one of our blog followers can help. We blog so we have a journal of our travels and to let family and friends keep up with our travels. In the passed several weeks we have had several people tell us they travel vicariously through us. I wonder if we can charge for vicarious travel. Just kidding. But another change you may notice in our blog are a few adds appearing our pages. These adds are by Google. We are paid each time someone clicks on then. We have very little control over what adds they place. We did opt out of some controversy categories.  Hopefully no one will be offended by any of the adds.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

General Custer Last stand , the Little Big Horn in Montana

     While on our rushed trip back to Pennsylvania we stopped at an RV Park just about 4-5 miles from the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. Being true tourist at heart even though we were tired from a long day of travel we decided to visit the site. We quickly set up the RV and took off for the Battlefield.  We had about 2 hours before the visitors center closed, but the grounds were open for about 6 or 7 hours more. So we first went to the visitors center and saw the film  and procured   information on the driving tour and a short hike. We just decided to do the driving tour as we were both tired from todays drive. We found the information to be quite good and did get out at many of the different overlooks. We didn't spend as much time at a site like this as we usually do, but did appreciate the effort the National Park service went through to preserve this bit of history.

The site of Custer's Last Stand

The lay of the land around the area

The National Cemetery


Saturday, September 21, 2013

A black Labrador comes a calling, getting our puppy fix.

     While at Outdoor World/Thousand Trails Timothy Lake RV Park a couple aside of us had four dogs. Of course being dog lovers we got to talking with them and getting our puppy fix. . One of the dogs, a yellow lab was a foster dog. . They were keeping her for one year to do basic training for dogs for CCI, Canine Companions for Independence. Three others were their pets.   One of their dogs was a black Labrador, about 12 years old.  She was a double of our departed Lilly. So while they were packing up to leave they brought her over for us to watch. See for yourself the look alike.

This is our Lilly

This is Lilly's look a like

Bob getting his puppy fix. The similarities are unbelievable. Lilly also liked her belly rubbed. Who is having the best time here.

Friday, September 20, 2013

A wonderful visit from a few friends.

   What a wonderful surprise. Two couples from our Carriage Club stopped by for a visit. They were both at the Grand National Carriage Rally in Goshen Indiana. Friends Diane and Jerry J. from New York stopped by on their way home for a few days. Also Pat and Dave H., full timers stopped by for a three week stay. We reminisced and learned a new card game Diane and Gerry taught us. It was called "Canadian Salad". We had a lot of laughs for  two nights playing it. Bob is working on a new version of the game he hopes to reveal in Florida this winter. We'll see. Some people are never happy leaving well enough alone. But then where would we be if we just accept what wonderful folks showed us. So in the pursuit of gamesmanship Bob will toil on for a new and improved game of "Canadian Salad" call ___________, to be announced in Florida this winter.   But all kidding aside we had a great visit.

Sioux Falls KOA, Sious Falls SD

Sioux Falls KOA, 1401 E Robur  Drive, Sioux Falls SD
$30, with 10% KOA discount
Date 8-2013
We had a FHU 50 amp pull thru. Site was gravel. Wide gravel roads. Big rig friendly. Small grass area between sites. Some trees.
 We did not set up our satellite. We used our antenna and received all major networks. Not sure of their Wifi, we didn't try to use it.
We didn't check out this park. We arrived in a very heavy downpour. We choose this park just to get off I 90 due to the very heavy rain. It was about 1/4 mile off the exit. It did have a laundry and many amenities.

Or site

Laundry and game room
Our site, note the wide roads and smooth gravel

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sleepy Hollow RV Park, Wall SD

Sleepy Hollow RV Park, 118 W 4th Ave, Wall SD 57790
We had a FHU pull thru w30 amp electric
Cable TV with all major networks, didn't try to use their Wifi.
Amenities laundry, restrooms, small pool,
Roads and sites are gravel with small grass area between sites. No privacy. Site long enough so we didn't have to unhook.
Dog friendly, lots of room to walk a dog
Very quiet at night with low light
Located in downtown Wall, a short walk to the famous Wall Drug.  About a half mile off I 90. Very close to Badlands National Park

Our site, just arrived and didn't put out our slides yet

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Unblievable wildlife photos

While camping at Thousand Trails/Outdoor World Timothy Lake we captured this photo. We believe it to be Punxsutawney Phil of Pennsylvania fame and celebrity  status. He is the best know groundhog  in these parts, and maybe in the whole U.S. He is sunning himself on a large boulder behind our RV. It was a beautiful fall day and he is making the best of it. I just wonder does he use sun screen and what number.

You can see he is just relaxing. We tried to get an autograph, but he took off saying something about paparazzi's being a pain in the butt. These photo's show just how smart wildlife really is. Is this considered a animal using a tool? He is using the rock to warn his soul, kind of like a tool. In some areas he is also know as a woodchuck or whistle pig.

Tragedy at Timothy Lake RV Park

A fire last night (9/15/13) at Timothy Lake RV Park. The couple and their dog and one cat got out ok. Unfortunately they lost another cat and all their possessions.

Note the tree limbs burning.

Taken the following morning. Took about 20 minutes to go from the above photo's to this below.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cypress Camping Resort update

Cypress Camping Resort is no longer a Coast to Coast member. You can see our review of this super resort in our RV South Carolina label, date 11/5/2012. Rates now are $45 river front, $40 off water front, after 10/31/13 they will be $30 and $35. per night. Sorry to see them leave CTC. We really enjoyed this park.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Unusal pickup truck

Were can I find a pickup like this. Photo copied from timeline photo's

Still in PA

    This week started our 4th week in PA. It feels like we just arrived. Our first visit with the boy's and their wives was a pizza party at Cy's. We all made our pizza's with the many different toppings. Cy baked them in his outdoor brick oven. What a great first visit back home.
      Since we arrived we had a total of  10 doctor visits or medical test between us.  We both have more visits with our doctors scheduled. We do have visits schedule as far as the 15th of October. And I know there will be others not yet scheduled. We are trying to keep the medical community well funded. Bob has 3 doctor visit scheduled and Linda has 2 visits scheduled. We are getting the 100,000 mile check up. We will keep you posted of results
    We did get to have lunch with friends Dave and Liz who were headed back to FL. Received an email they arrived safe and  sound at their home. Also had lunch with cousin Jane and her husband Nick. Can't meet with them without a million laughs from Nick. He should be a stand up comedian. Had a surprise visit from Sue and Bill members of the Carriage Club. We had met them in Florida. They recognized our rig and stopped by for a visit. Spent 2 evening with them swapping tales. We still have a number of friends and relatives we want to get together with before we head south.
    We hope to leave the Pocono's by mid October and start to head south.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Medical update

MRI was good, no problems. Some more meds, pain is about 90-95% gone. More follow ups in 4 weeks
More test unrelated to above, I need a stress test. Need a chest x-ray
Next PSA test 10/1/13, a long wait.
Flu shot

all blood work good, x-rays for hip pain. Hips are good, problem seems to a Lumbar problem. Shot in one side, wait and see. If it goes ok another shot on the other side, or an MRI if shot doesn't work.
Dermatologist visit 10/15/13
Needs new glasses
Flu shot

We are getting the full treatment, our doctor is not letting us off easy.

7th Ranch RV Camp, Garryowen MT

7th Ranch RV Camp, Reno Creek Road, Garryowen MT 59031, it is a working ranch.
$30.  night, 15% Escapees discount
All sites are pull thru. we had a 50 amp FHU. Most sites are terraced on a hillside, and level, giving all a great view. . Not much privacy between sites. All roads and sites are gravel. Escorted to your site.
Amenities, laundry, pavilion and horse shoe.
Open for satellite, over the air TV, 2-3 stations, great wi fi.
Dog friendly, lots of room to walk a dog.
Night, very dark
FREE ice cream upon check in, who doesn't like free ice cream?

We really enjoyed the views from this park. A great place to just sit back and relax. Even though the sites are close we still enjoyed this park. Great prairie views. About 3-5 miles from Custer Battlefield National monument and the Little Big Horn. . Not much else in the area just a peaceful environment . The nearest towns are Billings MT and Sheridan WY, both about 65 miles. About 3 miles off I 90. We would love to spend time here just relaxing and enjoying the views.  

The office

lower road in park, nice and wide

our site, long enough so we didn't have to unhook

Around the park

our site, note long pull thrus, all sites have a picnic table and grill

Down the road from our site

More views around the park

Looking out our window.

Indian Creek Campground Deer Lodge MT

Indian Creek Campground 725 Maverick Lane Deer Lodge MT 59722
Date of stay 8/7/13
This park is just of I 90 so there is highway noise. Easy on and off.  There is also some train noise. The noise didn't bother us, as it was hot and we were inside with the A/C on. We were also away from the highway.
We had a FHU pull thru with 50 amp electric. The park is very big rig friendly.
We paid $27.97 + $3.00 for 50amp with are 15% Escapees discount. Cable TV is also $3.00. This is also a Coast to coast GNP, but somehow we missed getting this discount.
No privacy between sites. Small grass area between sites. Open for satellite.
Amenities include a laundry and restrooms, but we didn't check out any of these.
It is dog friendly.
We would stay here again in traveling through the area.

Our site

Linda is actually 8 foot six tall, pictures don't lie, and if its on the internet, it must be true. See her taking the picture. Great views.

The office, laundry and restrooms.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Starting our 9th year as Full Time RVer's

Again we say WOW. September starts our 9th year of this adventure. When we started we had no idea of how long we would continue on this adventure. But as of now we do not see an end to it. Even with all the problems we had this year. We will not dwell on the negatives and only dwell on the positive. We started year 8 in PA.  And again  we are starting our 9th year in PA. If you are following our blog you know we were in the state of WA when a medical problem for Bob had us make a fast trip back to PA. We will update more on that when we have more information to share with you all. Now back to year 8.
     We then went to SC for a Rally and spent about 3 weeks in SC.  We toured the wonderful city of Charleston. Then it was off to GA and super city of Savannah. We spent a week touring Savannah. From there we went to ST Augustine for another Rally. We then finished out the year of 2012 in FL. spending both Christmas and New Years with friends in the Orlando area.
    We started 2013 going to  a Rally in Bushnell and then to the Super RV Show and rally in Tampa. After that we went on a short vacations to Key West FL. We took a boat from Fort Myers down and spent the night. Then the next day we took the boat back to Fort Myers. It was a great trip thanks to our kids that gave us the tickets for the boat as part of our Christmas gift.  Thanks guys.   We then spent a few more months in FL. In early April after the great FL National Carriage  rally we started on another adventure.
    We planned on going west. We were going to spend about a year and a half out west and be back in PA around Oct. of 2014. We left FL and headed north west. Spent time in KY and IN, then onto MI. We spent a little over a month in MI. We had a great trip across the upper US to the state of WA. Unfortunately our plans changed. But this is one of the great things about being mobile. You can read about our travels in our blog.
   So here we are, back in PA where it all started for us. The passed 8 years have been great and we are hoping for some good medical reports, so we can start the next 8 years, God willing. So far we loved the ride and made many memories to look back on.