Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nov. 2008

HI! Everyone, we hope you are all doing well. The Food & Wine festival ended on Nov. 9th, but our last day of work was the 10th. We were the only two working so between us we had 14 trips back and forth to the airport.(Linda sure does know her way to the airport now.) Photo of the vans we drove

We also worked culinary demonstration's. We did get to taste a lot of different foods we wouldn't have tried on our own. Jammie Dean(Paula's son) was one of the chefs we saw. Also the chef that baked the cake for Prince Charles and Lady Di wedding. Several other TV personalities where Rock Harper, Todd English and Cat Cora. We did transport a lot of the chefs from the Resorts to the parks and to the airport. We also met a lot of people from Louisiana tourism. They are expecting us to stop by. Some of the entertainment, that we transported, from LA said they will treat us to dinner if we come visit, since we couldn't accept tips.