Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Everglades/Big Cypress-Oasis visitor center-Midway campground

Six first photo's taken near the Oasis visitors center.

 Looking at our camp site across the small lake, we are the last RV
Approching our site.
 Looking down the road from the front of our site.
 Taken from the Road in front of our site.
 Looking across the small lake at the eveing sky from our site.

Everglades/Big Cypress tour - Shark Valley

Getting ready for the 15 mile bike trail.
 Smile, your picture is being taken.
 I can balance on a branch.
 Just one more picture.
Hey this is my fishing hole.
Purple gallinule. Event turtles need a little sunshine.

 See the miles of sawgrass
 A gathering of friends, Ibis
The Tram at Shark Valley
 Soaking up the sum
The loop road
 The tower at the midway point.
Just hanging out, Wood Stork
Air dry, Anhinga
 What are you looking at Bob?
Lunch in one hand, camara in the other.
From the top of the tower.

Everglades/Big Cypress Nat Pks, 10,000 Islands

 The Mangrove trees
Just hanging out
Who's that little guy?
 Some of the 10,000 islands
 We do have video's of these guys
More tourist

Everglades/Big Cypress National Parks

Main entrance to park.

 Along the Anhinga Trail.
Purple Gallinule

 Along the Gumgo Limbo Trail. looks like a face on this tree.
 A gumbo limbo tree, see the smooth red bark, who's that?
 Many air plants along the Mahogany trail

 At the Mrazek Pond

 Yes Panthers in the Everglades
 Check out my feet.
 My mother thinks I'm cute, black vulture
 Hey you I'm coming that way.
 See how fine my feathers are, great white heron