Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update-Still in PA, soon bad news

      Hi, I know its been along time. Thanks to all that have emailed and called. We are sorry if we didn't get back to you as life has been  a little rough the passed couple of weeks. Our sister in law Sue passed away on the 19th. We had just got her settled in her apartment in assistance living about 2 weeks prior.             
        Linda had a ugly moll removed from her back and the biopsies came back as melonoa. She had a second surgery, a much larger area removed. The surgent feels confided he got it all, but we have to wait about 10 days for the finial biopsies. Things just keep happening.  We will post and update as soon as we get the results back.
       Tom Linda's brother is still in rehab and doing a lot better. We hope within the next couple of weeks he can get into a apartment in assistance living/personal care. We hope we can get him settled before we leave.
      Blazer is doing fine. He is still as playful as ever. The doctor said his bone cancer was very aggressive and he may only have a month or two. Its been about two months and he is still going strong. I just wish we had some of his energy, as we are about burned out. This has been the worst six months of our married life, 46  years, except when our son went through his bout with cancer.
       We are planning on leaving here on the 21st of Sept. We will head to FL, as we have a cruise planned with our oldest son and his wife for their 20 anniversary leaving from FL.