Thursday, July 2, 2015

On the road again

On the road again. Well almost. Finally good news. After many false starts we received good news from Linda's doctors. We could go on a road trip for 4 weeks. We tried for 5, but no just 4. We will be on the road for the 4th of July, not the most ideal day to start our trip back to Pennsylvania. Almost said home, after all  we were PA residents for almost 70 years( I should have said a very long time).
     What a difference it is to pack the RV compared to living in one when everything we owned was with us at all times. Its like taking the kids on vacation and asking a 100 questions if they remembered to pack some important item.  Well Linda and I have been doing that for the passed couple of days. Basically the RV is packed except for some clothing, food, medications and us. It is hurricane ready to leave on short notice.. Our escape mode of transportation if we are here in Florida and see a hurricane heading for FL But with the excitement of being ready since February when we planned a six month trip out west we  were acting like it was our first trip ever. We will leave on the 4th hoping most folks are were they want to be by then. After 350 miles or so we will pull into a RV park till Monday then continue our trip back to PA. Hopefully this will work out ok. We do have reservation all the way back to PA. . We are braking that rule of ours, never never travel over a holiday, but that's just the way the cards fell. We don't like traveling with reservation, but there are exceptions. The hardest thing for us was finding a house sitter for a month in a gated 55+ community on short notice. But we did have someone lined up.  We are just happy that Linda is well enough to travel. Not sure how much we will be blogging about since we will mostly just be visiting with family.