Monday, December 1, 2008


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We both made new friends, Bob's is a fishing friend and Linda's are just fun people, can you guess who is who's new friend? See photo'sBob always wanted to try a sagway and he finally got a chance at Imaginations in Epcot. They show a short safety movie before you have your ride. It was a short ride but he was happy. See photo.

We had visitors last month. Linda and Larry from OK and Larry's sister and brother in law. We met them when we worked at the Care Center where we volunteered in Livingston,TX. We took a Disney cruise with them, on the lake between Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Also Chris and Tillie from home, they are our middle son and daughter in laws neighbor. We also had a visit from Art and Jan from Lancaster,Pa. they are members of our camping club at home. It was a cool night at the great Fantasmic show at the Hollywood Studios. Sure was great to see them all.
As you can see by the photo's the Florida bounty is doing well. The trees are loaded with oranges and all you see are ladders sticking out of trees and truck load after truck load up and down the roads. The tangerines are delicious, Bob likes the red oranges.
Saturday we started our work at the Christmas Candlelight procession at Epcot. We did this last year also. It is so beautiful. The narrator Sat. and Sunday was John Hurley, he has a terrific voice for reading the Christmas story. The attendance was really down last night, we had severe storms and tornado warnings. But we had some great di hard Disney people who won't let anything stop them from visiting the happiest place on earth. It put the Christmas spirit into everyone. We will be working Sat.,Sun, and Mon. nights.
From: the dogs: We are enjoying the warm weather, but it is not as warm as last year. We lost a little friend next store to us , Blazer misses watching for her. They did get a new puppy and really keeps Blazer busy. Mom and Dad are still playing at Mickey's big park. We love the big dog playground. Some of our other dog friends are here again this year and come to play at the park with us.

Nov 2008

Our adventure for the month of November with the Escapees Friends of Mickey was an on stage tour at the Animal Kingdom. It was very interesting. All the animals are trained to accept any medical exams and many more things that the trainers have to do to keep them healthy and friendly. You don't realize how big the park is, Epcot plus another park (can't remember which one it is) can fit inside the Animal Kingdom. We had a special talk with the bird keeper. She clicked a clicker and many birds came to her looking for food, they were beautiful and did not mind our large group. See the one of the newest arrival at Animal Kingdom, a baby giraffe. Also the group photo of the Escapees Friends of Mickey