Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rose Parade

Photo's-1 Jack in the Box float showing the clown heads we glued beans on. 2 & 3 gluing the beans on the clowns heads. 4 China Air float we worked on, yellow chrysanthemums. 5 & 6 Jack in the Box float in Parade and close up of float. 7 Gluning backs of chrysanthemum heads. 8 Applying the glued flower heads on the float. 9 Closeup of glued flower heads. 10 Organ team float-white chrysanthemums on back of stairs. 11 Ohio team float same on stair backs. 12 Some of our group with the flowers we beheaded 13 Our tour guide Leslie(see her in Indian costume in next group of photo's) 14 Working on Jack in the Box Float, note sunburst is laying down. 15 Applying glue. 16 Linda with box of ground marigold flowers see yellow in previous photo. 17 Close up of the eagle, super detail. 18 Some of the 60,000 flower veils we help fill. 19 Filling the veils. 20-23 Equestfest -horse show of the groups in the Parade

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