Friday, March 26, 2010


Note changes to our map on the left. The blue markers are of our 2008/09 travels, and the red markers are of our 2010 travels.

We arrived in Rockport TX on the 11th of Mar. We stayed at a just "OK" RV Park. The weather did warm up, and the Texas sunshine felt great.

While there we toured Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. While there we saw a few alligators, and a heard of Farrow Hogs. They took off before we could get some good photo's. We did get one(see photo's). We also saw 3 Whooping Cranes from about 1000 yards. We viewed them through our binoculars. They are on the endangered list, and there are fewer then 200, according to the parks info. They winter here in the refuge and surrounding area. We also saw quite a few different shore birds. We hiked a few of the trails and came across several alligators to close for comfort(see photo's). They were also enjoying the good weather.

We took a drive over to Port Aransas. You board a free ferry to the island. Its a 15 minute wait for a 5 minute ride. On the island we went to the beach and acted like tourist on vacation. Blazer even enjoyed the beach.

We also went to see the "Big Tree". It is in Larmar TX. It was very impressive. The sign tells of it being over a 1000 years old. We then went to the "Boiling Pot" for dinner. They bring the food and dump it on the center of the table. This is your plate. It is a cross between a Maryland crab feast and a New England clam bake. Very very good. It went good with a Shiner beer. Ed - that ones for you. We enjoyed the area very much and will return someday.

We then went to Willis TX on Lake Conroe. We are at a nice Thousand Trails Park. The park was quite busy when we arrived as it was still Spring Break. On Sunday the park really emptied out. It's now maybe half full. Boy do we like Sunday nights, you full timers know what I mean. We are here till the 29th, then its off to Livingston TX till the end of April. We are volunteering at the Escapees Care Center.

There are some picture below of our trip to Progresso Mexico while we were in the Rio Grand Valley. We went with some friends and had a great time. Note the heavy military presence in the pictures.

Blazer is still a little lost. He is calm, just laying around. Ever since we had him Lilly was his security blanket. We guess he is still missing her, just like us.

Thats it for now. Keep the emails coming as we love hearing from you all. Photo's are listed on the left cloumn under archives

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