Saturday, May 29, 2010

5/29/10 Livingston TX

Hi everybody. Today is a very special for us. It is our 45th anniversary. Wow, it just seems like yesterday. Our new home is our gift to each other, we plan on spending as many years on the road as the good Lord lets us.
We will be leaving here on the 1st of the month, heading for LA and the Coushatta Casino and the Red Shoe Indian RV Park at the casino. We will be there for 5 days, with new friends we worked with while at CARE. Then head north for PA. We will be in PA on the 20th of the month. We will stay at the Pine Hill RV Park for 2 months. Visiting family is first on the list. We will also visit with friends and take care of a number doctor visits for regular check ups. It has been almost 2 years since we last visited PA, so we will be spending much time with the kids just catching up on whats new.
We received some emails with questions about our new rig. But first thanks to all for your nice comments. Not all our readers are Rver's, and they are not sure about some terms. What are slide outs? Ans. slide outs are little room additions that slide out to give you more room when set up at a RV Park. A question about leveling- We have 4 hydraulic jacks, after unhooking from the truck we push 1 button and the trailer levels itself. Don't most rvs have 1 awning? Yes, but in some makes you can add a second one. We did and they are both electrially operated. Is that a real fireplace? Yes and no, it gives off heat if so desired, but no it is not a real flame. I think that was it. We do enjoy feed back from our blog as it tells us someone is reading it. Keep the emails coming..
From Blazer: boy I sure like my new home, but wish Lilly was here to share it with me. I can't understand why all these people keep coming by. They are interrupting my sleep. Mom & Dad are trying to keep me off the sofa by putting the cushions up. Ha! sometimes they forget and I get to sleep on the sofa. I'm no fool, as soon as I hear them, I get down before they get in the door. Then they feel the sofa to see if its hot, and give me that look. Well I just put my ears back and my tail between my legs and give them that look, and they melt in my paws. Got to find a way to keep it from getting hot where I lay.

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