Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to our home town-Bethlehem PA & on to FL.

I know, I know, we said we would update our blog more often. Well its almost 2 months and here we go. It was almost 2 years since we were back in PA. We were anxious to see the kids. We did and enjoyed our visit with them. We also visited with family and friends. Then the doctors. Before you knew it, it was time to leave. We did stay about an extra week. We sadly said good by to family and friends and hit the road. Sept 1st starts our 6 year full timing. We are looking back at all the great adventures we had and looking forward to more adventures.
Our first stop was in Gladys VA, just outside of Lynchburg. See our map on the right and click on our travels to see more about RV parks. Click on the number and name or the marker on the map to read more. We had a couple of rainy days and didn't get a chance to do any touring.
Next we went to Advance NC, 8 miles east of Lexington. Another Thousand Trails park. While at the visitor center in Thomasville NC we met the head of tourism in Davidson County. He told us about a bus tour of some of the farms etc. of the county. They had a few seats left, so we bought 2 tickets for $15. each. What a great deal, a 5 hour tour with snacks and a buffet dinner at the end of the tour. We toured Bonnie Plants, that's supplies all Home Depots, Lowe's, Wall marts etc. Next was Terrace Farms, cattle and poultry farm. Then The Tyro Fire Department, a history of rural volunteer fire services. Davidson Water Inc., learn about the county water system from taking the water from the Yadkin river to you faucet. Then on to Yadkin College-a town by this name, not a college. At one time the first institution of higher learning. A tour of the small community and see some of the traditional crops, mostly tobacco. This is also the site of three ferries that once crossed the Yadkin river. Visit at
On the tour we met Mrs Hanes-the owner of Mrs. Hanes Hand Made Moravian Cookies. See at Her and her husband were sitting in front of us, and when they heard we were from Bethlehem Pa, where the Moravians settled we became their new best friends for the day. They passed out cookies and gave us the left over cookies. Boy were they good. They invited us back to their farm when we are back in the area.
Then we went back to the RV Park and met up with our friends Barry and Donna from GA that we volunteered with in TX. We had a to short visit of a couple of days with them. We had to be on our way to FL for our Volunteer job at Anastasia State Park in St Augustine FL. OH forgot to mention that. I'll get back to that. We were now behind our travel schedule by about a week, with the late start and an AC problem with the truck.
This area Lexinton NC is know as the Barbecue capital of the south. Never knew that, or is that just hype. Well we ate at Lexington Bar B Que. Suppose to be number one in the state. It was very good , but to judge it to be number one we'd have to eat at about 500 other Bar B Ques. We will attempt that at another time.
In Lexington we also visited Lanier Hardware, one of the largest True Value Hardware stores in the southeast. Visit at also see Thomasville was the home of furniture of the same name, see
We visited a few other places in the area before heading south. We are now at Anastasia State Park for the month of September in St Augustine FL. We are campground host. We arrived on the 1st and got settled in. Then we had orientation on the 2nd. Then we are off for three days. We work on 3 days and off three days. We will work 13 days for the month. That means we have 17 days for the beach and touring. There is about 4 miles of beach here in the park. We are parked about 300 yards from the amphitheater and on Monday Toby Keith will be here. This is a bonus we didn't know about. Not sure who else will be here.
From Blazer: WOW I got to meet up with some of my cousins. What energy. It was non stop excitement. After a couple of days I had enough. I sat in the driveway and refused to go in, but dad had me on a leash and pulled me in. He didn't get the message. The next day I refused to get out of the truck. What is he dense or what? He hooked me up and pulled me in. I thought he was my friend, you know "man's best friend", well I was wrong. I guess I should have gotten a clue when he took me to the vet and had me altered, you know what I Mean. Who would do that to a friend. Well that was about 6 years ago and I thought we had a good thing going since then, until he subject me to my over active cousins. I'm going to have to keep an eye on him. At least I got to meet my friend Dave who always plays with me. Well anyway its on the road again. A good trip, but I have no one to cuddle with in the back seat. I still miss my Lilly. She was a real pal. Maybe some day I'll have another pal, but for now I get all the attention. I love this life and get to meet some nice people like another friend Barry who always plays with me. He just speaks funny, Dad said that's because he's from the south. Gotta go, see you later.
Keep in touch, and we will try to update our blog more frequently.

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