Thursday, November 4, 2010

Florida 11-2010

    Wow! hard to believe its been a little over 2 months we have been in FL..The end of Oct. ended with a bang for us. Our oldest son, Cyril and his wife Dawn came down for a visit. We were really thrilled to have them visit because this passed summer when we were in PA. Cy was only home a few days before he had to go back to Afghanistan for work. We enjoyed their visit, and  acted as tourist. We had some great meals and just hung out.  They treated us to a drink of the water from "The Fountain Of Youth".  We did the "Old Town Trolley" tour ,for three days, getting on and off many times around the town. We are now anxiously waiting for our son Mark and his wife Tracey visit later in the year.
        We  really enjoyed Anastasia State Park. The beach was great. The work was easy, and the weather was super.  We made some new great  friends while volunteering. This is one of the best things about volunteering.
       St Augustine is a super little city with great history. We did all the touristy things plus rode our bikes on many of the narrow roads. That's right, our bikes. Santa came early. We purchased two folding bikes for our Xmas gifts to each other. They are 22" and fold and fit in the basement of our 5th wheel. We will upload pictures soon. Touring  St Augustine on our bikes was great. We found many things we missed while driving around. We found several old Church's. The Cathedral Basilica of St Augustine, America's first Catholic Parish, . Also the "Memorial Presbyterian Church", . Next was "Grace United Methodist Church".  Riding around the town on our bikes really got us a lot closer to the history of the town. We saw many small plaques on many buildings we missed driving around.
       We arrived at the Thousand Trails park in Clermont FL. and while driving thru to our site saw two  friends,  Larry and Fran setting up on their site. We had spent some time with them in PA this passed summer. We stopped and said hello and were invited to go our with them, and  several other couples we had worked with at Disney, to dinner.  That evening we went to the "Arabian Nights " dinner show. We had a great time  with five other couples. It was great to reconnect. We will be in the Orlando area till the 3rd of Jan 2011. Then we will move farther south in FL  for the rest of winter. When we arrived here the temperature was 85 and humid.  We will take all the warm weather we can get.
          From Blazer: don't know what Mom and Dad see in the beach.  I got sand were sand doesn't belong on a dog, in my hair, between my toes and other unmentionable  places.  Its hot, I like it cool, you know I have a fur coat, need I say more. But there were a lot of new great smells. Of course just when I was getting settled we moved. But this places has a bunch of great looking four legged furry dogs. Saw a couple of cuties going for a ride in a golf cart. Boy some dogs get all the breaks.

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