Sunday, February 20, 2011

Florida- Friends- Edison & Ford Winter Homes- Fort Myers

       Friends-Friends-Friends- We got together with a number of friends while at Toby's RV Resort in Arcadia. First we went to see Linda's cousin Carl and wife Dot. They live in Arcadia for about 10 years.  Very nice to reconnect with them.  Next friends Dave and Liz who have a home in Largo took a ride down to visit us for the day. They are friends from PA.  We retoured Lake Placid with them.  We had a great visit.  Then full time RV friends Penne and Dave who were in Moore Haven gave us a call.  We met them in Lake Placid for lunch which was midway between us.  Great to see them as we haven't seen them since the Rose Parade in CA 1/1/10.  In the passed we had met them in OH, TX, and several times in Alaska. Then in OR. and CA. What a great life we have being able to connect with friends.  Then we met friends Dianne and Marvin who now live in Cape Coral.  Linda and Dianne have been friends since elementry school.  Our kids went to the same  schools together.  They said bring Blazer, that way you can spend more time.  We did and they brought him some toys and sat on the floor playing with him.  They really enjoyed Blazer.  Then we went to Sanibal and Captiva Islands and took Blazer with us.  They have a mini van and Blazer made himself at home in the back seat.  We walked the beaches and Dianne and Linda picked up shells and Blazer picked up each one they threw down and set it at their feet to make sure they didn't want it.  While writing this update we are now with friends Ed and Vivian, at the Glades RV Resort in Moore Haven FL..  We had met them in Flagstaff AZ in 2003 and have been friends since. They are from York PA., and new friends Lonnie and Betty.  More on were we are  now in our next update.  We are back tracking as we are behind on our blog.  We have been very very busy and will back up a week or two to update our blog.
           We went to Fort Myers to tour the Edison and Ford Winter Estates and Gardens. What a super tour.  See at   We spent about 6 hours touring the house,  gardens and museum.  The Banyan and Mysore Fig trees were really neat.  If in the area we would consider doing the tour again.  We did the audio tour.  This is great as we could take as long as we wanted. You get a audio recorder and follow a map to number post and click on that number and listen to the recorded discrpition of what you are viewing.
           After the six hours we needed a break and had lunch. After lunch we headed for the Shell Factory/Museum/store.  This is combination of a small shell museun, store, great mounted animal display(like at Cabella's display), etc, etc. Very touristy, but fun.
First 3 photo's are of the Edison house.

The next 3 are of the Ford house.
A red powerpuff flower,a Mysore fig tree, gardens in bloom and a Banan Tree.
The  Shell Factory/Museum with 100's of shells on display from around the world and the animal displays.
      We will be here till Monday the 21st. We are going to La Belle about 18 miles from this park. We are going there because of a great special we have for six days. Keep the emails and comments coming, we love hearing from you all. Some one asked about the placemarks on our map.  The blue is 2009, red 2010 and green 2011. Thanks for traveling along with us.

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