Monday, September 5, 2011

Making memories,Starting our 7th year of full time RVing

      Wow, hard to believe we been on the road as modern day gypsies for 6 full years. How long will we continue our out of the box adventure? As long as the good Lord and good heath let us. There are still places to go, things to see, and new friends to meet.  We have been blessed the passed 6 years with so many new adventures. If we had to stop today we had made enough memories to last us the rest of our lives. We occasionally look back and say to one another do you remember that road side stop in Alaska were we had that 9 inch cinnamon bun, or the crayfish in Louisiana, or that fresh lobster in Maine. The list could go on and on. Many folks have told us how lucky we are to be doing what we are doing. These are some of the same people who thought we must be nuts to sell our home and move into an RV with a little over 300 square feet of living space. We are especially thankful our family understands our decision to do what we are doing.  If there is one thing we miss, it is not being able to spend as much time with our kids and their wives, as we would like. But and that's a big but, we hope when our adventure ends we are still in good health and we will be able to spend the twilight of our years with them.
     Now for the good stuff. The most asked question we get is there any thing you regret. Yes, missing family time, and not starting this adventure when we were younger. Next, what is the place you like best? That's a tough one.  Would it be standing on the rocky coast of Maine or Oregon, the Atlantic beaches or the Pacific beaches,  The Grand Canyon or Bryce canyon, Death Valley or Big Bend, Texas Hill country or the Florida Panhandle, get the picture. It is so hard to decide. Until you stand on a glacier in Alaska or in the shadow of Mount Rushmore or the rim of the Grand Canyon  its hard to describe the wonderful feeling we get while exploring this great county of ours call The USA. I guess the answer to that question would be the United States of America.
          As a child I guess I developed wanderlust by reading Outdoor Life, Field and Streams and Boys Life, the Boy Scout magazine, along with as many adventure magazines and books I could get my hands on. I guess the summer reading program at the libery did more for me then I realized.  As a child the only vacation I had was going to boy scout camp and spending one day at the Jersey shore. But it was the reading of those magazines and western novels that I became a armchair traveler and dreamed about fishing in the Yellowstone river or seeing the Rocky mountains that set the subconscious plan in my brain.
           For Linda, it was a little different. She got to spend summers in her early youth in Boston with her aunt and uncle. Then when they moved to Philadelphia and then Atlantic City, she got to spend summers in those places. How did she develop her wanderlust. She married Bob, and so the story goes..
          We can't tell you how blessed we are to be able to do what we are doing. And oh yes Mark (our middle son) keeper of the box of CD's containing 1000's of photo's that are memories.  Just think how many boxes it would be if they were photo's in albums. So guard it carefully as they are our memories.

More memories;.we saw this lab riding in a miniture horse trailer behind a motorcycle in Hellertown PA.

We went to the Chicken Ranch with Mark and Tracey. See one of many rotisseries. See at

While hear we felt a earthquake and sat thur a harricane. See all the pine neeles stuck to the side of our RV and car. Our site.

 While in Lancaster we saw this site, I wonder if they us high test or regular.


  1. I just LOVE the Chicken Ranch - while there you were only about 20 miles from us...but then again, we were also on the road.
    Love your description on what did you like best - very hard to pick - there are so many - :-)) We are so blessed! Hugs..

  2. Congrats on the start of your Seventh year fulltiming! We got started May 1st this year... Anastasia State Park is correct! Stay safe