Friday, October 28, 2011

Photo's of Cruise 10-2011

First look at the ship, Oasis of the Sea, and we said"holy ship" look at the size of that ship.
Docked in Labadee, a private island  on the north coast of Haiti..
Docked in Cozumel Mexico, our ship in the middle. Note how it dwarfts the other cruise ship.
Looking at our ship docked in Falmonth Jamaica. Looking at it from the outback on our way back to the ship after our dune buggy tour.
A picture of our room looking out at the balcony.
Looking down at Central Park in the middle of the ship.

Looking at fountain on the Royal Promenade
Looking down at the boardwalk deck with the Aqua theater in the back.
Looking at the Entertainment deck.
Looking at the Aqua Theater
Looking at The rock climbing walls.
That's our daughter in law Dawn climbing the wall.
Looking at Royal Promenade deck with the bar on the left that  raisers and lowers between 3 decks.
This is the ice skateing rink, also used for the ice show and a club.
Our ship docked in Labadee, and the beach on the island.
A history of the ruins at Tulum in Mexico
Some of the many ruins. The heat index the day we toured was 105.
Tourist, our son Cyril with Linda and his wife Dawn. That's a radio around their necks to listen to the tour guide.
More tourist, or who is that good looking couple.

Same couple on the ship before we left port in FL.
Bob and Dawn are always trying to make new friends.
After our dune buggy ride, waiting for the bus. some had to eat.
A sun rise at Labradee.
What is this cute little animal? We saw him in Cosmel Mexico.
One of many, many iguanas.
Yucatan Jays, behind a fence.
Three eager tourist getting ready for their dune buggy ride.

Glad Cyril and Dawn got together and signed us up for all tours and shows on line. There were only about 20 couples got to do the dune buggy  tour. Thats a few out of 5,400 passengers.

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