Monday, January 9, 2012

Wildwood FL 1-2012

     After a late start  we took a ride to Crystal City. Found a nice city park in Inverness, called Cooter Pond Park.  Here are a few photo's.
   A weed cutting boat. In every part of the country we find many different specially type equipment.
 The boardwalk and a water hyacinth blooming.

 This group of ducks had red beaks. We saw others just like these but they had white beaks(at least they looked alike). We are not good at bird and duck identification.

 The old city hall at Inverness.

     Saw our first gator this trip to FL, and the first of the year. Also saw a few big turtles and many ducks.
     Checked out Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park in Crystal River. A very nice large park with many rates. We have friends who stay here and they like it very much. See here
Found a fruit stand and got some fresh Florida tangerines.
      Wow did it get cold. The low last night was 35 degrees. Whats that, isn't this sunny FL.? Tonight is expected to be colder.
      The above was written before Blazers passing. We will try to get back to blogging as we know it helps us take our mind of things. We are trying to look forward. We can do nothing about the passed. He will be missed but not forgotten. Thank you everyone for your kind emails.
        Our friends Tom and Paula came into the RV park we were staying at. It was good to get together with them. On Friday we left for Bushnell Fl about 20 miles away for a Carriage Rally. That is the company that made our RV. There were 24 rigs in attendance. We are at Blueberry Hill RV Park.  There were several dinners, breakfasts and happy hours planned. Much time was spent just sitting around talking about rv'ing, places to see and places we've been to.  We did join their chapter called the Florida Roadrunners. They are a nice group of people with a lot of information to share. This rally was especially good for us as it got us out of the RV and helped to get our minds off the passing of Blazer. It did help.
     On Monday we went to the Webster flea Market. It is a huge market. It is about 10 miles from where we are staying. We met our friends Tom and Paula there. The are staying at Three Flags in Wildwood about 30 miles from the market. We had lunch together and just walk around with them for a while. Then it was back to the RV for happy hour. Tomorrow we leave for the "Super RV Show" in Tampa. About 15 rigs from our group are going. We will caravan in groups of 3 to the show. Our club is allowed to get in a day early. We will camp at the fair grounds were we will have electric hook ups only.
     Pictures from the Rally at Blueberry Hill RV Resort.

The neat courthouse in Bushnell.

 Not sure of this big guys purpose, but Linda had to get a picture.
 Mostly Carriage RVs part of our club.

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