Friday, June 8, 2012

Elvis, Cher and others spotted in Pigeon Forge

Thanks to all that sent emails with good wishes for our anniversary. Funny, 47 years later to the day, we are at a waterfalls. This one was a about a mile and a half hike and much smaller.
 Our hike, with great veiws. A nice picnic area along a stream.

   We went to the Tennessee Shindig. Another great show. Were does all this talent come from.  We had great seats in the second row center stage. See 

     This week also started the BBQ and Bluegrass festival at Dollywood. Saturday was super busy. The booth we are working is across from one of the stages. We get to see and hear many of the lesser named Bluegrass groups, but still a lot of foot stomping music. They also have watermelon and cupcake eating contest in front of the stage. We also have the different chefs making different BBQ dishes. One chef made a pulled pork pizza that was given to our booth. Our luck,we were off that day but two of our co-workers said it was super. One day we did get a whole "tomato pie" to try. It was just ok. It was  tomato's and a lot of cheese with seasoning baked in a  pie shell. 
     We did get to attend a lot of the Bluegrass shows at the park. Some of them were really good, others just ok. There was a lot of Gospel music. Didn't know there were two types of gospel music. One is Country Gospel and the other is Bluegrass gospel
   The MC of the theater introduced the Marksmen Quartet. WAIT a minute, there's five of them. Several times he referred to  them as a quartet.  This bugged me during the whole show. As soon as we got outside I got out my smart phone, opened the app for dictionary, hit the mick icon and said quartet. Within three seconds it gave me the following definition - "any group of four persons or things". Now I know why they call it a smart phone.  I turned to Linda and said I though a quartet was four. She said so did I, but I didn't want to seem stupid and mention it, as I thought it was just old age and I was a little mixed up.   I showed her the definition on the phone and we both had a good laugh. By the way, the MC was the  editor of a Gospel newspaper. Don't remember the name of the paper. This takes us back to a Doo Woop show we saw with the Four Tops(I believe it was the Tops, or some other group of four) and out came THREE black guys. Now I counted them several times and there were only three. I guess in entertainment you can do this. There was no explanation of "oh, so and so is no longer with us".

Six different shows.  Top center is the "quaret". Bottom center is the group that player the kazoo's. Bottom left is a show in Red's Cafe, singing 50's and 60's hits.

      Another group was the Youn's, which is mountain  folks venison of y'all. They were a mix of bluegrass and a jug band. The also played kazoo's. Brought back memories of our "Blue Shoe Kazoo"  "gig" we played in at C.A.R.E. in Livingston TX.  See this blog--go to Labels on the right side of our blog and scroll down to Texas, it should be the first blog to open, the date is June 11,2010.
      Elvis, Conway, Cher and Kenny were seen in the Pigeon Forge Memories show. It was another great show with many hits from the passed. Cher, Kenny Chesney, Conway Twitty, the group and finially Elvis.

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  1. We loved Dollywood when we were there a few years ago. We were fortunate to experience the Ozark Crafts and Southern Gospel music. We loved all of it. We loed Pigeon Forge and is in our "bucket list" to go back.