Saturday, November 24, 2012

Florida Rambleings

     Forgot in our last blog that we met a fellow blogger Darren and Joyce  and their two great dogs. Their blog is  http// it is fun meeting other bloggers. We have been following their blog for over a year.
      Also forgot while in Savannah there were a lot of girl scouts and signs saying welcome girl scouts. The reason, the 100 anniversary of the girls scouts. Juliette Gorden Low founded the girls scouts in Savannah. The people at the visitors center told us that a lot of girl scouts are making a pilgrimage to Savannah in tribute to the 100 anniversary.
       To answer a few questions about our last couple of blogs. The antique store in Savannah was 4 floors of antiques stacked floor to ceiling with isle's just wide enough to get through. There was enough furniture to furnish many, many old homes in Savannah. We saw tags on items from $5. to $5,000.  About were we stayed. We stayed at Lake Aire RV Park in Charleston and Hardeeville RV Park in Savannah. We will update them soon in another blog, check back. Changed how we send out emails, we are now sending out bulk email's as BCC, Blind Carbon Copies so no one's email address will be seen. This is for your added  security. Your email address's won't be seem by others. We had tried to do this in the passed twice,  and it didn't work for us. I believe the reason it didn't work was a few email address were no longer in use. I kept getting error messages, removed them and now it is working. We had a few email address that were changed and didn't know about the changes so the BCC won't work. 

     We did so much touring the two weeks we spent in Charleston and Savannah that we should have made notes. As we sit and reminisce we remember things we wanted to share with you and put in our journal, which is our blog. One of these things is the story of "The Waving Girl". "One of Savannah's favorite stories involves the life of Florence Martus (1868 - 1943), who was known well by Savannahians and sailors of the sea as the Waving Girl. The daughter of a sergeant stationed at Fort Pulaski, Florence later moved to a cottage along the river near the entrance of the harbor with her brother George, the Cockspur Island Lighthouse keeper.
As the story goes, life at the remote cottage was lonely for Florence whose closest companion was her devoted collie. At an early age, she developed a close affinity with the passing ships and welcomed each one with a wave of her handkerchief. Sailors began returning her greeting by waving back or with a blast of the ship's horn. Eventually Florence started greeting the ships arriving in the dark by waving a lantern.Florence Martus continued her waving tradition for 44 years and it is estimated that she welcomed more than 50,000 ships during her lifetime. There is a lot of unsubstantiated speculation about Florence having fallen in love with a sailor who never returned to Savannah. The facts, however, about why she started and continued the waving tradition for so many years remain a mystery".
" copied from

       We also missed the bench in Chippewa Square that Tom Hanks sat on and told his life story in the movie Forrest Gump. The bench has been move to the Savannah History Museum. The last time we were in Savannah the bench was still here, or a replica of the bench.
      We also didn't visit Bonaventure cemetery as the famous statue of the Bird Girl , made famous in the book and then  in the movie, "Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil", was also move to The Telfiar Museum. The Bird Girl statue was featured on the cover of the book, and became a tourists attraction. 
          Linda's favorite chefs restaurant, Paula Deens, A Lady And Her Sons. This is one of several dinning rooms. We ate on the third floor.

    One day while driving back to the rv park and crossing the Savannah River at the end of the bridge we took a left onto Hutchinson to see what was there. We ended up on what looked like a race track. We saw some people parked and out of there sports cars. We stopped to inquire about the road we were on. They told us it was a road race course. It was closed but now being used again  They believe it was now operated by Porche. Why we could just drive onto it I don't know. They encourage us to do a few slide through the turns. Thank God we were in a Chevy(that's for my friend Barry-inside joke). So we fired up the HHR and ran around the track at break neck speeds between 40 and 50 mph. We didn't slide through any turns, but it was fun. Just one of those crazy things we run into from time to time. 

      Since we have been here at the Thousand Trails Orlando RV Park we have met up with several friends. We must have joined that "senior" group, as we play outdoor shuffle board and play bingo.  At least bingo paid off for me, Bob, I won $107 on one of the specials. I did get a lot of strange looks from some of the regulars. You can tell the regulars because of their "bingo bags" and at least six dobbers in front of them. There were about 16 games paying from $40. to $113.

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