Friday, January 11, 2013

More from Florida - great movie- a bad cold

   Over the holidays we did get to see another great, funny movie. We went with friends Lance and Andrea to see "Parental Guidance". It was showing Christmas day in Clermont about 10 miles from our RV Park. When we got there the parking lot was almost full. Wow, never realized how many folks go to the movies on Christmas day. When we came out the parking lot was almost over flowing. It was good to have a few good laughs.
     We also tried to see if our bingo luck held out. But our luck ran out. Neither of us won. We came close several times, but somebody else got that last number before us.
     We also got to try something new, a "Idaho Spud".  It is a candy bar from Idaho. New friends shared them with us. see .  The candy bar is potato shape, with a soft marshmallow center(looks like mashed potato's), and a chocolate coating. It has been around since 1918 and is one of the top 100 selling candy bars in the Northwest.

Linda has been under the weather for a few days. We did make a trip to the walk-in medical center. A very bad head cold and very sore throat. She got two prescriptions and is on the mend, but it is  a slow mend.  On two different days friends in the park brought  by food for the sick. Thanks very much.
      Linda was feeling a little better so we went to another night of bingo. Our luck didn't hold out. We came close, but no wins. Bob did have a winning ticket to be crowed "king" for the night at bingo. He got a crown and had to pick a number from 1 to 75. He picked 13, his fathers lucky number. Each time his number was called he had to squeeze the chicken which made a very annoying noise. He also got a dollar for every 13 called. In total he got $8. Plus he also got 3 extra bingo cards for the "specials", which paid up to about $175(can't remember the exact dollar amount). We were with 5 other friends and you can imagine the laughs each time Bob had to squeeze the chicken.
     A few days later it was bingo time again. It was Bob's lucky night. He won two games for a total of $236.  I guess we're done with bingo for a while.
     On Friday we left the Thousand Trails Orlando for a trip to Bushnell. We arrived at Blueberry Hill RV Resort before noon. We are here for a Carriage rally. There are a total of 25 Carriage rigs here for the rally. We will be here till Tuesday, then caravan with about 20 other couples to the Tampa Super RV Show.  Thanks for stopping by.


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