Monday, December 1, 2014

What happened here

     Hi, hope all is well. Check out the attached photo. Lucky nothing is broken. The most injured thing was pride. Happened on Saturday at Daytona  Speedway.Just before I went down I felt a hand on my back. The only one behind me was Linda, just saying. Then while I was sleeping in the recliner she dropped a book with a very very loud resounding boom that almost gave me a heart attack. I had a full glass of wine, for medicinal purposes, and it went flying over our new recliners. Luckily it blotted up without staining anything. In the near future we are going on a cruise and if you hear man over board and I turn up missing these are strange coincident, just so you know. But all joking aside I fell in the bleachers. Went down so fast I don't know what happened. I fell on my left side. I bruised my face and hit on my shoulder I am having rehab on. I badly bruise my shin bone and twisted my ankle. Had x-rays and cat scans to make sure I didn't brake anything. Cat scan to make sure I didn't have any brain bleed since I am on blood thinner. Just sore today 

Look for upcoming blog. Been to busy to write, but an getting caught up.


  1. I'm glad that you didn't get seriously hurt. Have fun on the cruise but watch out for Linda! LOL

  2. Wow, good luck with the recovery.