Friday, October 14, 2016

Santa Fe New Mexcio

Our next stop on our western trip was in Santa Fe New Mexico. What a great stop. We could have spent more time in this area. The friendly people, the architecture, and churches and the food, remember Bob doesn't like Mexican food. Well did he change his mind. It was hard to choose some photo's of the 100's we took. Here are just a few.

The architecture is great

Selling jewelry in from of the governor house.

 Narrow streets,  off the town square.

The great old hotel La Fonda

The Loretto Chapel

The Cathedral

Every town must have a flea market.
Don't ask, but unusual to say the least

100's pf decorated paint brushes.

A close up
The farmers market

So much to choose from,

 Even chickens, many different breeds.

The craft show in the town square with many beautiful items


This smiling face created a beautiful fountain he created we couldn't pass up. Until now we were gift free from our trip, other then memories.

 A vintage tour van

 The hotel where we had lunch

We saw a wedding from our second floor seats.

Bob with the winning bacon bloody Mary, from the bar competition.

 Inside the La Fonda hotel

Street art

We relied  on  Trip Advisor as a guide for finding restaurants. There were so many in Santa Fe, we  usually picked one's in the top ten and near our location while touring.

The Ranch House was very close to the RV Park we were staying at, was mostly  good old BBQ.

The Pantry was Mexican
Bob indulging in his first Mexican dish  

 Linda's pick

More Mexican, Bob is getting braver




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