Saturday, December 10, 2016

Los Alamos New Mexico, Manhattan Project National Historical Park

While staying in Santa Fe we also visited
       Los Alamos the Secret City: After passing thru a guard booth and showing ID and told we couldn’t take pictures  we entered the town of Los Alamos. We passed thru a area that is still doing research, I guess. Then we enter the town itself. It is just like any other small US town, but with a secret history. The first stop is the Bradbury Science Museum.  The museum tells the story of the Manhattan Project. Two great short movies help tell  the story, along with the many other items in the museum include many great photo's. We then did the Townsite Properties Walking Tour. It is a tour with 16 stops along the route. We did miss a few stops as our bellies were telling us it was dinner time. Since November of 2015 Los Alamos in part of the National Park Service’ along with Oak Ridge TN and Hanford WA. Way to much to write about here, see
    At the other end of town there is no guard booth.  We took a lot of photo's on the walking tour but can't find them among the thousands we took from our 2016 trip west as we label our trip from May to October. When we do find them we will add them to our blog.