Thursday, July 6, 2017

Road trip and update and where we are at

                                          Hutchinson KS to Missoula MT

      This is a long road trip. While in Hutchison KS we decided that if we wanted to get to the west coast and have enough time to explore the area we better get moving. We left FL on the 14th of May and here it is the end of June and we are only maybe half way there.  We decided to get moving. So we plotted a course mostly using interstate highways. We like taking the secondary roads to better “see” the country. We were on secondary roads through much of KS at this point when Linda spotted one of the 8 wonders of KS it was just a short detour from where we were.   It is a short detour to Victoria to the Cathedral of the Plains. It won’t take long and we do need lunch. Then we could go a couple of miles to I 70. Then along I 70 for about 10 miles to route 183 to route 36 to Prairie Dog State Park for a overnight. Wrong. This park is so nice we stayed 3 nights and only left because all sites were reserved for the 4th of July weekend. Then we took route 83 to North Platte. We will write more about these stops in a later blog, we are just trying to get you up to date where we are now. So we gave in and started to hit the interstates and travel 3/400 miles a day. I 25 to I 90 to about 10 miles east of Missoula MT. Then the unexpected happened, we had a blow out on the driver side rear inside tire.  The blow out broke the gas fill line and some gas leaked out of the fill pipe, maybe about a quart. But before Good Sam roadside service would send out an emergency road service truck we had to call the fire department to come out. It took them about 20 minutes to get to us. By the time they arrived the gas evaporated. They just took the information and left. About that time the emergency tire truck arrived. Half hour latter and we were on our way. We found the nearest RV Park and called to see if we could get a spot for the night. Yes come on in. About ten miles latter we pulled in. Of course this is 4th of July eve. You guess right, no tire stores open till Wednesday. We did get a new tire and will be leaving here on Friday morning. We are headed to Spoken WA.  We were lucky as there is very little other damaged. During the night something stated to vibrate the RV and woke us both. Hannah started to bark. It seemed to last at least 30 seconds. Later that morning we found out we were just 75 miles from the epicenters of an earthquake. See our latest blog here    bobandlindasrvtravels.BlogSpot      if you haven’t been following along


  1. We're in Helena and I was definitely awakened by that earth movement. Glad you found a place to stay and you're ready to move on.

  2. Glad that you didn't have any serious damage from your blow out!

    We have the same problem as you guys. There are so many interesting things to see and we love driving the back roads. We spend so much time meandering along that we end up driving straight through for the last bit of the trip if we have a time restraint.