Sunday, June 14, 2009

After leaving Whitehorse, we headed to Five Mile Lake, at Mayo in the Yukon. Beautiful park. We were the only 2 rv’s in the park for 2 nights. It was a bit off the path. Fishing was great, we had a fish fry and really enjoyed it. Bo did catch 10 northern pike in one day. Still can’t get used to the daylight. We have about 21 hours of day lite a day. We took a trip to Keno, about 40 miles and dirt/gravel roads. They have a great mining museum. Nothing else except a snack shop and a trip to the sign post. The trip to the sign post was dirt, mud and ditches going up and got even worse going down because we had rain, snow and sleet. Bob had to use 4 wheel drive. We had ordered a pizza at the snack shop (several people had told us it was the best pizza) before we headed to the sign post . It took us so long to get back the pizza was dry,burnt and not very good. They failed to tell us the trip would take so long and roads were so bad. They knew we were going up to the sign post. Population in Keno is 12 in the winter. Can’t believe people actually live like they do.

We are now in Dawson City. What a neat old place. Wooden sidewalks and dirt roads. You get the old west feel. Last night we went to Diamond Tooth Gertie’s. Had dinner and a great show. Can Can girls and gambling. Bill got picked to go up and dance the can can with the girls. Today Sunday we went on a town walking tour, the guide was excellent and very interesting. She talked about life in Dawson City during the gold rush times etc. Pictures will follow when our wifi is better. Had lunch at a cute café and tour of the Commissioner’s Residence, what a beautiful place. Our luck we were the only two on the tour and it was the same guide. Both times she dressed in period costume. Again she gave an excellent tour. Yesterday it was the 100th Anniversary of becoming a territory. They had a tea in the afternoon and a Ball in the evening, we watched them arrive in their period costumes, they were very pretty.

So far the roads haven’t been too bad. One stretch about 10 miles of gravel. Some frost heaves. On Tuesday we will take the top of the world highway which has a 40 mile stretch of gravel to Chicken AK. Then we will be in AK for several months. Keep tuned, pictures will follow. Click on the map at the top right, and follow our travels.

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  1. HI bob and Linda, sounds like you are doing the alaskan trip up in grand style. Are there many travelers with you? We found fuel was so expensive travel was way down and could get into most everything. Did you make reservations for a lot of things?
    Are your kids going fishing with you at any point?
    happy trails.