Saturday, October 9, 2010

Anastasia StatePark-St Augustine FL 10/2010

Started our second month of volunteering. The beach is great, but the water tempeture is droping. Last month it was running between 82-85 degrees, and now it 77-78 degrees. This week the temps have been in the low 80,s, but expected to go to the high 80's  for the next week. It's just right now, nights in the 60's days in the 80's without a lot of hummidy. First two photo's show the electric cart we use to drive around the campground. That's Blazer wanting to go with Bob for a ride. The cart will go 25mph. Not sure if it is street legal, but it does have lights, turn signals and brake lights.
       The next photo shows are first pot luck with some of the other volunteers. Last month we were the only couple, this month there are 5 couple and 3 singles and another couple is coming in on Monday.
       The next photo is the St Augustine Ampitheatre across the parking lot from us where we heard some great concerts, with more coming this month.
        The next photo is a pumkin display in front of the courthouse.

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