Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 The year in Review

      Wow almost at the end of 2010, seams like we were just in Pasadena CA for the Rose Parade.  Boy how time flies.  Where do we begin.  First let us say we are very very thankful for our wonderful family.  We are thankful for fairly good health.  After starting our 6th year as full time rv'ers our family  has accepted the fact that we may be house less, but not homeless and enjoying our life together(45 years) travelling this great country of ours in our RV, our home.  I know it may be hard at times for our kids to tell their  friends that we are not the normal type of retired parents. We are a cut across the grain, not with it, not your average old folks.  Each year on the road gets better.  We are now in our grove. We only hope we can continue for many more years.
With the close of this year we have stayed in 41 states. We don't count a state unless we spend at least one night in that state.
       Lets start with the sad news first. We lost our wonderful fur family member Lilly. She was our 15 + year old black lab companion. She traveled with us to 41 states. She is dearly missed. We can't say any more about her without tearing up.
      Now to the year in review. We started the year out in Pasadena CA and the Rose Parade. We did it with the Escapees club. Friends of ours, Victor and Taree, who had done it before,  were going again, and talked us into it. Well it didn't take much for Linda to say "let's go", but I needed a little more convincing. Boy am I glad we did. We had a great time. We also met friends Penne and Dave at the parade, who we first met in OH, in 2007, then TX, then Alaska, then OR.. What a small world. They were at the parade with another group. We left CA on the 2nd of Jan and went to Pahrump NV. Spent about 2 weeks there and visited with friends Betty and Shorty. We then went to Las Vegas NV for two weeks. The highlight of this stop was our oldest son Cy flew out to visit with us for five days. What a great visit.
        Next we spent time in different parts of AZ, visiting places we didn't see before. We wound up in Benson AZ where friends Mike and Jan visited with us for two weeks. Another great time.
       We then traveled to TX. We met up with friends from our Escapees chapter 36,    We are not listing  names here for fear of skipping someone.  We did  meet about 10 couples. We also made a few new friends.                                
          We then went to Lake Conroe in TX were we order our new RV.  We went to Livingston TX, home of the Escapees.  We volunteered for two months at the Escapees CARE center. . We made many new friends while there. The Escapees are great people. We also took delivery of our new home. We had a super time there.
       We then went to LA with new friends Donna and Barry.  We spent a month with them at CARE and another 3 weeks touring LA, MS ,TN.  Again a great time.
       Next we headed to PA, what we call home. We spent two wonderful month's there visiting with family and friends. We also got to meet several new grand puppies. One of the highlights was our middle sons 40th birthday party. Everybody there had a good time, especially Mark. I'll leave it at that.  We also did the doctor thing.  Had a lot of appointments since it was two years since we were back home. No bad news to report. We also attended an Escapees rally with friends Tom and Paula who we volunteered with  at the CARE center in TX. We ran into friends there that we worked with at Walt Disney World. We also had a camp out with our PA camping club, again seeing more friends. A sad note here, our club disbanded and that was our last camp out together as a club.
    Off to FL. We took about two weeks to get there and met friends Donna and Barry(CARE Volunteers we met in May) in NC on our way down. We went to Anastasia State Park were we volunteered for two months. We enjoyed the beach almost every day. We spent more time on the beach there then we did all told the rest of our lives.  Our son Cy and daughter in law Dawn came to visit us for five days. We did the touristy thing in the ST Augustine area. We had a super visit. We also made some new friends there. This is a great life.
     Next we moved to the Orlando area were we reconnected with many many friends we made while working at Disney.  We will be here in this area till the end of the year. We are anxiously waiting a visit  of our son Mark and daughter in law Tracey. This will be the first Christmas we spent with family in six years. Our youngest son Erik and daughter in law Lori won't fly, so we have to get somewhere close that they can come and visit. UPDATE, Mark And Tracey are here. We wanted to post this earlier, but we ran out of time. Being retired is very time consuming. You other retirees know what I mean.


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