Monday, December 13, 2010

Hudson FL 12/6-12/13/10

     We left Thousand Trails Orlando(address is in Clermont) on 12/6/10 and went to Hudson Fl along the Gulf coast, called the Sun Coast by FL tourism.  It was about 80 miles from Clermont.  We wanted to visit friends Dave and Liz in Largo. We also wanted to visit Tarpon Springs and Homosassa Springs, and tour the area.  This area is kinda midway between these places.   The weather was unseasonably cold.  Lows down to 31, hights in the low 50's. There was a difference of 45 degrees between the high and the low the next day.
      Before we left Thousand Trails Nick and Terry Russell, publishers of The Gypsy Journal ,stop by.  They saw our Sea Eagle kayak on the back of our truck and had a few questions.  Nick just got a similar Sea Eagle product and wanted to know how we liked ours.  We had a nice half hour chat, and then they were off.  The following day we, Linda and I, were featured in his daily blog.  You can see it at  go to Nick's blog 11/30/10. We were told about our 15 minutes of fame by 2 different rv'ing friends.
      We did visit with Dave and Liz in their new house in Largo.  We went to Crabby Bills restaurant, in Indian Rocks Beach,  and had a great fish dinner. Then we went to a mobile home park were Dave plays in a band. We had a good time listing to Dave and his band, and so did the rest of the people judging by the applause.  The next day we met them at Tarpon Springs.  Tarpon Springs is a Greek settled community.  Had a great day touring the very touristy town and dock area.  Too cold to go out on a sponge boat.  We did get to see how the sponges are harvested, via a movie that is about 30-40 years old.  Of course we did get some sponges.  We had a the BEST Gyro we ever ate.  We ate at the Hellas Restaurant and Bakery.  If time permits, we may go back just to get another Gyro.
       The following day we went to  St.Petersburg with Dave and Liz. We toured the "Pier" and took the Trolley around the downtown district.  See  The next day we had a great dinner at Dave and Liz's then toured the Christmas light display at the local park. We then toured the lights At Lake Park that benefits the Suncoast Hospice.
      On Friday we went to Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park.  What a thrill to see 40+ Manatees.  The water temperature in the Gulf is dropping and the manatees are seeking warmer water.   The springs are a constant 72 degrees and attract the  manatees. We also saw alligators, otters, Florida Bobcats, Florida black bears and other wildlife. That's right FL black bears. Do they hibernated? We did see signs warning of bears crossing the road. Never expected bears in FL.
       Saturday we went to Dave and Liz's and met friends Art and Jan, also from our camping club from PA. We then went to St. Petersburg to see the Christmas Boat Parade. Very neat to see so many decorated boats. We got there about 3 hours early and enjoyed just sitting around and catching  up on travel and old times. It was cold. Not at all like the FL we came for.
       Sunday was a day of rest. It rained and the winds blew all day, felling like 30 degree. We left Mon to go back to Thousand Trails Orlando. It was very windy and we would have stayed another day but had to get back to Orlando. Blazer is set up  for minor surgery Tues. morning.  He has a tumor and they need to do a biopsy. The vet is about 80% sure it is a fatty tumor, but the biopsy will tell us for sure. We will keep you posted.  We are at site A37. We will upload pictures shortly, check back. See RV Parks on right for our review of Barrington Hill RV Resort.


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