Monday, April 11, 2011

FL to PA for medical emergency

      Hi to all, just to let you all know we are doing ok. Thanks to all that emailed with kind words and prayers. We got a call, that  Linda's brother and sister in law were in the hospital and not doing to well. So we hot footed it back to PA. When we got the call we were with friends Barry and Donna in GA. We were touring the area around Tifton GA. The next day we left bright and early even though there was bad weather predicted.  We did run in to very heavy rains. We ended the day in Fair Play SC. We needed a break from the heavy rain that made driving very tireing.  We spend the very cool night there.  The next day we got up to light rain, but with bright sky's. So we took off. Not many RV parks open the farther north we went. We know of a flying J in VA on the WV  border that allows over night RV parking. So that was our destination. But when we got there, it was packed. I guess a lot of other Rver's heading north, had the same idea. Filled up with fuel and off we went looking for a Walmart for an overnight. For you non Rver's most Walmarts allow overnight RV parking. Driving on I81 we saw a Crackle Barrel with a RV parked there. Got off the next exit and went to the Crackle Barrel. Checked with the manager if  it was ok to park overnight. He said any Cracker Barrel, anytime. So we spend the night. Got up to a very cold 27 degrees.  We went into the Crackle Barrel for breakfast and again thanked them for letting us stay overnight. They opened at 6 and we were in having breakfast by 6:15.  After breakfast we walked Blazer and headed out. We called Pine Hill RV Park, the park we usually stay at when in PA(we call it our home park), to see if we could get in, as they weren't open till April 1st about 5 days later. They said  come on in. That was the trip home, now for an update.
      Linda's brother Tom is still in the hospital.  His wife Susan was released to a nursing care facility for rehab on Thursday the 7th. They are both doing better. We are working on getting them placed somewhere in a assisted/nursing home. This is a major problem. A very long story, that started 3 years ago when we tried then to get them in a retirement/assistant living place then. We won't bore you with all the details.
       So it looks like we will be spending the spring and summer here in Downingtown. For now we did not put the RV in storage. We need things like clothing etc that are in our rv, our home. Not sure what we are going to do with the RV in the future. If we can get them placed somewhere and find homes for the pets, one dog and two cats, we will spend time in the RV just to get away from here.  They have a very large home full of two generations of stuff. This will be a very big project.
    We will update every now and then, but won't be bloging about our travels till we can get back on the road.

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