Saturday, March 19, 2011

Clermont/Orlando FL 3-2011

     Hi, here we are back at the Orlando Thousand Trails Resort.  We will be here till the 20th then go to Lazy days for some work on the RV.  We were only back a day when we got to have lunch with good friends Jim and Linda.  They are still working at Disney and had some extra passes they gave to us to use.  We will use them to go to Epcot to see the Flower and Garden exhibits.  We have never seen the Flower and Garden exhibit, so looking forward to it, and seeing other friends that may be working when we get there.
      We also got to meet up with my cousin Jane and her husband Nick.  We met them at the Catfish House in St. Cloud.  A great place to eat.  We must have ate there with them about four or five times this year.  The food is super and the prices great.
            At thousand Trails we are backed up to a big field in the back of the park.  There are two Sand Cranes with babies.  Neat to see, two different age groups.  Linda did get a few pictures.  Little did I know when I married her 45 years ago that she had a camera attracted to her arm.  She goes everywhere with it.  I'm sure glad I have a delete button on the computer.   But as long as she enjoys taking pictures, I enjoy looking at them.  While here we also saw a rocket lunch, or the vapor trail from it. The rocket could been seen while looking at it., but did not show up in the photo's. It was just ahead of the vapor trail and appeared as a silver spect in the sky.  We did go to the Webster flea market, and it is bigger then ever. You do need a couple of days to see it all, without just walking by rows and rows of you name it.
    It's one thing when we meet old friends, but Blazer meeting old friends!  Well it happened.  Banjo came to visit and a new friend Molly.  Both his friends are from Canada.  So I guess he has international friends. While talking about Blazer, we have some bad news. While at the vet getting his shots updated they found he has a heart mummer.  They said don't run him.  Keep him calm.  Oh yell!  They don't know Blazer.  We will just walk him and not run him when we bike ride.  We will try to limit play time.  You that know Blazer know this is going to be a challenge.  We will get a second opinion, when we get back to PA. His vet is opening a new practice in Bethlehem.
     We did The Flower and Garden show at Disney's Epcot. When we thoughy they couldn't beat the Christmas displays, we were wrong.  WOW!  Wow says it all. It was fantastic.  Below you will find just a sampling of pictures Linda took.  The topiary Disney characters were super.  We had a super day, and the weather was great.  Sunny and about 85.  We could tell the people who came from the north as they were so "white" they looked "bleached".  The sun tan location was flowing.   One of the highlights was eating at the German Biergarten restaurant.  Linda's favorite.  Another highlight was seeing Chubby Checker.  He looked great and had boundless energy.  It was a great day. Thanks Linda and Jim.

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  1. Enjoy!Enjoy! We're at Coushatta Casino. Had the seafood buffet with crawfish last night (1 1/2 hr wait in line). Fantastic. Moving over to a COE in TX tomorrow to meet up with some friends