Saturday, March 3, 2012

Florida, Dish Tailgator,Fishing Tourament

    First let us say thanks to new followers of our blog and thanks for joining.
    Hi, we got behind. we have been busy. Our kids say "what do you do all day", well its hard to explain. All you retirees and full time RVer's know how hard it is to account for your time. Well we had to do our income tax and get it to the accountant. We had to meet friends.We met Bruce and Sharon, folks we met in FL last year and blog followers for lunch in Fort Myers. They saw we were in the area and we got together for a couple of hours.
     We went to the Carriage Rally in Punta Gorda for week. A great time with 16 RVing couples in attendance. A lot of activities, and of course dinning out. We tried to solve all the worlds problems.
      Next we went to Thousand Trails Peace River in Zolfo Springs. We met friends Tom and Paula. We played our first game of outdoor shuffle board. Great fun, our son Mark said we are official old timers now. It was kind of a laid back week. We played a lot of games with Tom and Paula, and of course went out to eat. If in the area be sure and go to "Paul's" restaurant. Great food with large portions and fair prices.  Just what we need, "large portions" While here we went to pick strawberries with Tom and Paula. We picked about  six pounds each at $1.00 per pound. We did eat a few in between picking. We did make some freezer strawberry jelly, which turned out a little to thin. But it was great over pancakes. We froze most of our 12 pounds. At the farm were we picked the berries there was a unusually tree. They called it a "ear tree". It was a Guanacaste tree. It is the national tree of Costa Rica.
      We had to say goodbye to friends Tom and Paula and headed for Thousand Trails Orlando. We met friends Dave and Pat, Carriage club members and  played "Mexican Train". They were in a park near by, and moving here in about a week. We also joined "Fawn Ridge" rv resort in Davenport. Works like Thousand trails.
Bruce and Sharon

 Linda's bucket is full

 Pick the best one's

 Tom said my bucket is full.

 Six pounds of fresh picked strawberries.

Tom, Paula Bob and Linda with full buckets.

 The ear tree, see why its call an eat tree. These are seed pods.

Our newest toy. "The Tailgater". Its an automatic TV satellite finder.

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  1. Those look like beautiful strawberries. I like to cut up fresh strawberries, add a six ounce container of Yoplait lite Vanilla yogurt and some light whip cream to top it off. mmmmyummy.

    Happy and Safe Travels