Sunday, March 11, 2012

Florida March 2012

      This year is going by fast. Can't believe its already March. After leaving Thousand Trails Peace River in Zolfo Springs we arrived at Thousand Trails Orlando. It is a easy 80 mile drive. There are close to 800 sites here and the park is full. We had a choice of 3 sites in the 50 amp section. We choose site G81 and settled in. After meeting friends Dave and Pat and playing Mexican Train, we met friends Jim and Linda, workers at Disney. We also made new friends Lance and Angela who played Mexican Train with us almost every night. We also went to the huge Webster Flea Market with them. Of coarse we went out to eat with them, and Pat and Dave,  to Cherry Pockets. Great, great food again. Every time we went to Cherry Pocket's the food was great.  Been going here for 3 or 4 years.
     We then went to the Florida Strawberry festival and met up with my cousin Pat and her husband Larry. They are in Florida for about a month for the Phillie's spring training. We met them here three years ago, and this year we went to see the Brenda Lee show with them. It was a good show from the 67 year old entertainer. She sang many of her hits from the 50's and 60's.
      A few days later we met my cousin Jane and her husband Nick at the The Catfish Place in ST Cloud. We have been meeting them here for the passed 4 years. Great fun reconnecting and listening to all of Nicks new jokes. Not to mention the great food. We got there about 1 o'clock and the place was still packed with the lunch time crowd. After a short wait we got a table. After an hour plus of eating and talking we were ready to leave. By now the place is nearly empty. THEN we look at the entryway and see three guys six foot plus coming in, followed by a few more six footers. It was the Harlem Globetrotters. Of coarse Linda was up with her camera in a flash. The tallest was seven foot four. Now that's tall. See the photo's. They were very friendly and talked to everybody there as if we were old friends.
      We had a couple of email's about our Tailgator. It can only be used with Dish network. It finds the satellites automatically. It works better if we get it off the ground, like on a table or set it on one of the slide outs on our RV. We can get some HD channels. We can have the service turned off and on by the month. So if  in an RV Park for a month with good cable we could have it turned off.  We just have to have a clear shot of the southern sky. Set it outside, go in, turn on the receiver, and in 5 to 10 minutes it finds the satellites and downloads the guide. We have been here nearly two weeks and at first had it setting on the ground and lost the signal several times. So I put it on the slide out and it has been fine since. We could have set in on the picnic table, but it would have been right along the road. We do have a cable with a lock to secure it.

 A land Tortise at our site in Orlando. The balloons look like the are going to land in the RV park
 The Strawberry festival. The Brenda Lee Show

 The "Big Ass Fan" at the Sanata Fe Resturant, as that is what the label on the fan states. The blades must be about 12 feet long.
 Friends at Cherry Pockets.

 The Harlem Globetrotters.
 Bob with Linda and cousin Jane

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