Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pigeon Forge and Mark and Tracey visit days 1 to 3

   Its been almst two weeks since our last update. Boy I hate playing catch up. But here we go  On Saturday night we saw another great show, The Smoky Mountain Opry.  The show was another foot stomping good time with music from the 40's to today. Great set designs and costumes. The show was about two hours long. Our hands were sore from all the clapping. You can see more at,  .

  When we got back to the RV we had a call from our son Mark. Mark and his wife were on there way to Tennessee to visit us for about a week. They are coming down on their motorcycle and stopped in Virginia for the night. We were looking forward to seeing them the next day.  They arrived at the RV Resort we are staying at about 4 o'clock. It was a long an mostly wet ride for them.  We were glad they arrived safe and sound. After getting caught up on the all things in their lives we started to make plans of what we would do for the next week. Of course we went out to eat.
     On Sunday we took them to Dollywood. We spent the day at Dollywood. We had dinner there and then headed back to the RV.  On Monday we went horseback riding in the Smoky Mountains. Mark wanted to take Tracey horseback riding for her birthday. They never rode a  horse , but Linda and I were old pros as we went two times in the passed. After being sized up for the proper horse we were off.  It was great as it was just the four of us and our trail guide. The trail was very wet and muddy from all the rain this passed weekend. In the heavily wooded trail it probably takes several days to dry up.  The trail wound along streams and very steep drop offs. We did cross several shallow streams. All our horses slipped at least once on the wet trail. My horse (Bob's) just wanted to stop and eat all the green grass and weeds along the trail. The wrangle would yell,"pull up hard on the reins and kick him". Yelp, 'kick" him, I don't want him getting mad at me. "Kick him hard" (it was more like kikim) was the call from up front. No way Buster. A nice gentle tug of the reins and gentle nudge was good enough for me mister wrangler. We all enjoyed the ride. The trail through the smokies was great, no signs of civilizations, made us fell like we were in another era. Both kids said they would like to do it again. We recomend Smoky Mountain Riding Stables for a great trail ride. See  look for the Smoky Mountain Riding stables link.

    After the trail ride we went to lunch at Bubba Gumps in Gatlinburg. We longed for a shrimp Po Boy. Its been about 10 years since we tasted our first shrimp Po' boy in New Orleans at Bubba Gumps. We wanted the kids to have the Bubba Gump experience and try the po' boy's. See  After lunch we walked around town and went to the  Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine distillery. We tasted about six small "shots" of different flavors of "moonshine". It was all good. See   A few fun stories. Then it started to rain very hard. We were glad we weren't on the trail ride at this time. After the heavy downpour we went to Ripley's Aquarium. See our post on 5/1/12  with pictures and a brief description of the Aquarium. Its funny how you can see things you didn't see the first time. We all enjoyed the aquarium.  Next we went to the Smoky Mountain Knife Works and Museum in Sevierville. It is the worlds largest knife showplace. They have 50,000 square foot store. See  We also wanted to go to the Lodge Cast Iron Factory store. The girls got to the store and it was closing in 10 minutes, so they didn't get much time to look around. Linda and I had been there several times in the passed.  See  The store has many types of cast iron cookware. Next we stoped at Big Daddy's Pizzeria, see     It was voted the best new restaurant in the county in 2011.  We wanted something fast and good  because we had a show to go to.  Super good wood fired oven pizza. The show we were going to was Country Tonight. See pictures and our review in our blog update of 4/15/12. Again a super show.
    On Tuesday we went to Parrot Mountain. The parrots put on another super show for us. The kids really enjoyed all the parrots. The middle picture of Tracey, the parrot has hold of her tumb.
See our blog  of 5/1/12 for more pictures an our review of Parrot Mountain. Next we went to the Titanic Museum. This is  super experience. You are given a name card of one of the passengers or crew aboard as you enter. Bob and Mark didn't survive but Linda and Tracey did. See  Great web site with many pictures and stories. We all enjoyed it. Off we went to the Dixie Stampede Dinner show. This is the first stampede we saw with baffalo in the show. See This is our third stampede experience. It's a fun show and a good dinner served without any silverware. Soup, small chicken(Cornish hen), smoked pork, baked potato, biscuit, corn on the cob and apple turnover. The food was very very good.
      Mark and Tracey went for a motorcycle ride in the smokies and a bear crossed their path. Mark stopped and the bear paused and looked at them then took off.  Thats Mark chowing down at Joe's Crabshack. Note the cycle is almost as big as our car.

This is our new look for work.

Thats our boss, Dolly Parton on a float in her homecoming parade. She was in the park the next day and the park set a all time record for attendence.

Still haven't found any pigeons in Pigeon Forge. What's with that.

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