Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Change in Plans - Pigeon Forge TN, part three

       We have a slight change in plans. We will be staying in Pigeon Forge for an extra month. We are planning on leaving here on or about July the 8th. This will give us more time to explore the area. We will also be working through the 4th of July. Then a couple of days to say good bye to friends we made here and get ready to hit the road. We will take our time to get back to PA., hoping to get back  by August.
      The pasted week we have been busy taking in some of the attractions in the area. We spent at least 5 hours at the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinberg. See www.ripleysaquariumofthesmokies.com  It is a super aquarium. We enjoyed the different feeding shows presented several times a day. Many many beautiful salt water fish. The Penguin display and feeding were fun to watch. We also went to the Ripley's Believe It or Not,Mirror Maze, Moving Theater and Guinness World Records. Wow, we are out of breath. These other attractions were just ok.

    The next day we went to the Grand Majestic Theater. We saw the America's Hit Parade Show. Wow, double Wow.  The show music took you from the 50's to the 80's. By far the best show we saw to date. The Military Tribute was the greatest. The show is the newest show in the Smoky mountains. It is a high energy singing and dancing show with many custom changes to match the era. What helped make the show so great, was the fact that we were seated in the front row center stage.

     The next day we went to Dollywood as guest to see some of the shows. The Festival of Nations Festival ends in about a week and we wanted to see some of the international shows that will be ending.  We saw the Spirit of the Dance show. A foot stomping Irish dance show. We also saw the Slovenian Polka band. A very upbeat Polka band with a lot of energy.  

     The next day we took a ride around the area and waited for it to warn up a little. It was in low 50's when we started. When it warned up a little and the sun came out we decided to go to Parrot  Mountain. See www.parrotmountainandgardens.com  The road  to Parrot Mountain is up a mountain. A very very steep road. We parked the car and were greeted by 8 parrots on perches saying "hello". They are just sitting on perches with no restraints greeting guest. That was really neat and a small clue as what we would see. There are over 500 birds at this bird sanctuary. Many of the birds are rescue or neglected and needed a home. Their mission is also for the propagation of endangered or threaten species. There is also the garden of Eden, beautiful landscaped gardens with 1000's of flowers. We heard someone say "Praise the Lord", and turned around and there was no one there other then about a 100 parrots on perches. Finally one of the parrots again said "Praise the Lord" and Linda got it on video. There were many "hello","Hi's" and "what are you doing". We feed many of the parrots with seeds you buy there. We also feed many Lory's,  a small type parrot that drinks nectar. Check out the pictures. We are trying something new with our pictures for our blog. We are trying to create collages. Its a "work in progress".

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