Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We visited 3 Presidents homes, 7-2012

We stayed in Gordenville VA with the intent to visit Thomas Jefferson's home Monticello, James Madison's Montpelier and James Monroe's Ash Lawn-Highland. We visited all three homes and toured the surrounding area. You can't drive ten miles without seeing some road side historic placard along the road. There is a lot of early American history in this area. The three homes are all within a area of about 30 miles. Unfortunatly we couldn't take photon's in the house's. We did have guided tours in all the homes. At Jefferson's Monticello we also had a garden and slave quarters tour. Here are the three websites for more information
 . Sorry for so few pictures.

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

James Madison's Montpelier

 Current dig still on going.
James Monroe's Ash Lawn-Highland. The white part of the home is the original. The yellow color part was rebuilt after a fire destroyed the original front part of the home.

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  1. Thanks for joining me on my journey. I'll do the same for you. :)