Thursday, October 11, 2012

On the road soon

     It has been 11 weeks since we have arrived in PA. We will be here for less then a weeks before heading south. We will be attending the Carriage rally in Myrtle Beach SC.  Carriage is the manufacture of our RV. After the rally we plan on spending a week in the Charleston area. Then on to Savannah GA for a week. After that we are going to another Carriage rally in ST Augustine FL. Hope to connect with some friends there who will be volunteering at Anastasia State Park. After that we plan on being in the Orlando area for about six to eight weeks.
      While in PA we have been poked and prodded by more doctors then we wanted. But the results are over all good. Nothing to bad. A few more check ups and we should be good to go, hopefully for another year till our next yearly checkup.
       While in PA we did get in some good family time. We also got to reconnect with some friends in PA. Not a whole lot of new adventures to report about, just good times with family and friends.  Sorry to those friends we didn't get to see. It was a very busy 10 weeks for us.

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  1. Have a good trip south! We just did all of the checkup stuff a few months ago - nice to get it over with and back on the road! :-)