Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some touring around PA

Crossed this bridge many many times and until this year back in PA noticed this plaque. Sometimes there are many things in your own home town to discover.
      While in PA we did a little touring in the area. Many drives in Lancaster and York counties. Two of the prettiest  counties in the U.S. We did a factory tour of Turkey Hill. This tour is for kids, not at all worth the $9.50 charged for seniors. You do get to sample some of the different flavors of ice tea and ice cream and see pictures of the making of these products, and do get to read about the factory, but no actual factory tour. But its great for kids. They can make their own flavor ice cream and make a commercial. See

 Touring Columbia PA, the Clock museum mural, neat church, dying downtown, neat home, Safe Harbor power plan.
 See Bob and see how big the cement arches are.

       After leaving PA we traveled to an overnight in NC. It was about 350 miles. Not our usual travel distance. We usually only do 200-250 a day. But we wanted to get below Richmond VA on Sunday, a lot less traffic. We stopped at The RV Resort at Carolina Crossroads, a Passport of America park. But Sunday night is not one of the nights we could use our membership discount. My bad, we paid about $40. instead of the 50% discount price of $20. Originally we intented to arrive on Monday, but since we traveled further we got there on Sunday instead.
       On Monday we left for Myrtle Beach. It was a easy drive of about 250 miles. We stayed at a new RV Park called Cypress Campground. It just opened in June and sits on the inter coastal waterway. A super nice park that is very big rig friendly. It is also a Coast to Coast park. So our rate was $10. a night. We did some of the touristy things in the area, and also just relaxed a bit. On the following Sunday we moved about 5 miles to  Ocean Lakes RV Resort for a Carriage Rally. Ocean Lakes is one of the top rated RV Resorts in the country. And that it is. Our site is about 100 yards from the beach. More on the rally in a later post.

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  1. You packed a lot in. There are some beautiful things to see where you were.

    In a couple of years we'll start in on the East Coast. Both of us grew up on the West Coast and Hawaii (Bob).

    Have fun at your rally. The RV Park would be pretty spectacular being on the beach.