Monday, December 10, 2012

Three weeks in FL

  It has been three weeks since we arrived at the Thousand Trails Orlando Park. We seem to be spending a lot of time in this area. We have quiet a number of friends in the area. So far we played domino's a few nights, outdoor scuffle board and cash bingo. I'm beginning to think bingo is our game. We played three times so far. I won two games, one for $107 and one for $41. Linda won one for $31. It does cost about $26 for the two of us to play. But we are ahead and that feels good. I did get out to do a little fishing at the lake here at Thousand Trails. It was a very windy day, but I did catch a few small  fish. This gator was one of several I saw. He looked too be about 8-9 foot. He seemed to be watching me.

 One afternoon we  took a 30 mile ride to eat at The Bee's.  We went with Pat and Dave and Andrea and Lance for the famous fried chicken dinners. There was only a small line with a short wait.
    We also got to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Manny's Chop house. We went there in time for happy hour with friends Lance and Andrea. We all had something different and all enjoyed the food. Afterwards we took a drive to Downtown Disney. We walked around and did a short boat ride. We then made reservations at the AMC Movie Complex for a dinner and show. They have this new thing "Fork and Screen",were you sit in recliner type seats with a table in front of you. You order off a menu from appetizers to entrees to desserts,  and the food is served while you are watching the movie. Drinks are anything from soda to cocktails and beer. You have a call button for the waiter/waitress. The movie was  "Lincoln". A super movie. It;s the type movie you have to see a second time, at least for me. It was a neat experience. We understand that in select areas they are putting in this type of movie/dinning theaters. I wish we would have taken a few photo's, but  and that's a big but, Linda fell down on the job. After all she is the designated photographer. We then went to Celebration City were it snows every night during the Christmas season. Celebration city was developed by Disney in the early 1990's.  See Celebration FL at Wikipedia for the complete story. A neat walkable city
      We also got to eat at one of my (Bob) favorite restaurants at Disney. That is the Cape May Cafe. We went with friends Lance and Andrea and Tom and Chris. The Cape May is a seafood restaurant. I got my fill of crab legs plus, plus, plus a ton of other great foods. Get the picture. Afterwards we took a short boat ride to The Boardwalk. Spent a short time there just strolling around. Then back to the boat and Tom's Chevy truck were all six of squeezed in for the ride back to the RV Park. It was a fun evening with great friends and great food and many laughs.

A pretty sky at the RV Park

A few friends we made. From the left, Elmo and Pachino, Sugar , Baby Girl, and Henry that's the dogs names.



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