Friday, December 21, 2012

Trip to Walt Disney World and 2 more weeks in FL

     A trip to this part of Florida wouldn't be complete with out a visit to the "Happiest place on earth", Walt Disney World. Its not like we haven't been here, after all we worked there for two winters. But friends Fran and Larry who work at Disney took us in as their guest. Thank you for your generosity. We did enjoy seeing the lights at Hollywood Studios and especially The Candlelight Procession. We had seen this 60-70 or 80 + times and it doesn't get old. We enjoyed it very much.


   We spent two weeks kinda layed back. We don't do this often enough. After all we are retired, but we threw away that old rocking chair. Being active helps keep us young, at least in our humble opinion. We joined the local library so we could get some current books, and books we can't get on our Nook. We save the Nook for older less expensive books. We did get together and play games with friends and of coarse go out to eat with friends. We rode our bikes almost everyday, read a few books and took a few naps. We did take a trip over to Titusville and visited with my cousin Jane and her husband Nick. We ate at one of our favorite places there, The Dixie Crossroads. We  enjoyed the rock shrimp and corn fritters. This has been a truly laid back two weeks.

     We want to wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.


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