Friday, December 20, 2013

R - J Cigar Store in North Carolina

     On our way south we had a good rest stop at R J Cigar store in North Carolina. It is about an hour and half from our overnight stop in Roanoke Rapids North Carolina. We had stopped here several times in the passed. There is a lot more in the store then cigars. But the cigar is store advertised as the bigger in the country.  The cigar part of the store is a big humidor. It is very interesting just walking around and getting an education about cigars. Its a long way from the Phillies cigars I remember growing up.  I don't believe any of them sold for more then a dollar. Check out the photo's.

Bob making a purchase

Didn't find any box for less them $25., just imagine the inventory. Must be in the millions. This is only a small section of the store.

I'll have a couple of boxes of these for stocking stuffers.

Talk about "down in the mouth", he must have been checking the prices.

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