Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Roamers Retreat RV Park Kinzer PA

                                                   Kinzer/Lancaster PA
       Roamers is under new ownership since July. The new owner is planning on making many improvements. Like cutting down some trees near turns, putting more 50 amp sites in, upgrading the  bathhouse, putting in a better Wifi system, improving the rally hall, etc. The new owner was very helpful to us. I got propane and he came down and lifted the 40 gallon tank in for me, the Wifi went down and he called to make sure  we were getting it after he rebooted it. They are now  open year round. The only bad thing is not enough freeze proof water sites. He will be working on getting more installed. Our site did not have a freeze  proof water hydrant and the water was shut off on the 11th. We knew that he was shutting it off, and filled our water tank. We hold 112 gallons so we would be good for  our planned stay.

The RV to the left is in storage, we now have the RV park to ourselves. We are the only ones here except for two work campers. You can see our neighbors in the field beyond.

The RV's you see are set up permanent, there aren't many, maybe 6 to 8. Use to be a lot more. There are a lot of sites in the woods, but we prefer the open sites.

That's us in the center, the RV's on the left are in storage

Way back in the center is our site.

Our neighbors heading home in single file.


What a picture, taken through our window, that's why the blue tint, that's the moon, not the sun.



  1. I think the bad weather is headed your way if it hasn't hit already. Sure hope you're ready for it.

  2. Wow, that park is picturesque! amazingyou have that entire place practically to yourselves. Those pics are amazing by the way, I was up by lancaster a few years ago, and it is as beautiful as I remember.